Saturday, June 7, 2014

Guest Post: How to Glaze Furniture

I've admired this furniture re-finishing technique for some time. In fact, I think my coffee table has even been glazed (I bought it at a yard sale). When glazed, all the details and lines in the furniture piece really stand out. When I saw that a friend of mine was glazing a beautiful jelly cabinet, I decided we should all learn how to do this ourselves.

And so, my friend Evelyn shared her wisdom:

Make sure that the furniture you are planning to refinish is clean and dry. I use dish soap and warm water. 

After completely cleaning your furniture piece, paint it with a chalky-like paint. 

I paint one even coat. The areas that are a little thinner are the ones that distress easier. I use a chalky-like paint because there's minimum prep work involved (such as no stripping, sanding or priming) and it dries fast.  Once the paint is dry, lightly sand with a fine sanding sponge to distress certain areas as desired. Be sure to lightly sand across your entire piece of furniture. It should feel smooth when you run your hand over it. 

Now you are ready to glaze. I used Bharr Glaze and Bharr paint color, Aging Barrel here. Mix one part color and three parts glaze. Apply to the furniture piece in sections. With the cabinet, I glazed one door and wiped it off with a dry cloth.  (Or on the coffee table, I simply applied the glaze to the top first.)

Then I did the other door. I applied the glaze to the top, then wiped it off before moving to the entire front - and then wiped that off.  Lastly, I did one side, and then the other. Remember to glaze the insides of the legs and under the edge - or anything that might show. I use a paint brush, making sure to get the glaze mixture into every groove. 

Let the glaze set for a few seconds before you start removing/wiping it. Be careful to not remove too much, but also make sure that you do not leave lines or streaks. If you feel it is not heavy enough, reapply. Also, if you feel it is too much or too dark, quickly wipe off with a wet cloth. 

Do not be afraid - you can always paint over it if you are not  completely satisfied with your results

When the piece is completely dry, wax it. 

And FYI: the table pictured above is still for sale in her booth! (See below for address/location)

I'd love to know if you give this technique a try! I'm contemplating a picture frame for my first attempt. If I am successful, I may move on to a dresser.

If you love the look of this but are hesitant to try it for yourself, you can always just purchase something Evelyn has completed for you (such as that beautiful coffee table pictured above)!  She has some of the cutest re-creations! And it's unique decor that makes each house feel more like a home.

You can find Evelyn's work at her booth: HooNew in RedBriar Antiques in East Ridge behind Cracker Barrel. 6501 Slater Road. East Ridge, TN. Their hours are Monday - Saturday, 10-6 and Sunday 11-6.

She also has items for sale at Reeves County Market. 1856 Cloud Springs Road, Rossville, GA. Open 9-6.

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