Thursday, August 2, 2012

Time to address a project I've put off for way too long...

Technically, this project has been almost 3 years in the making. See, what happened was, I had great intentions and had found an awesome idea - only I didn't hold up my end of the bargain to finish the project.

For my wedding guest book, I had wanted to do something different. I wanted a unique place for friends and family to record their best wishes to Jeremiah and I. And thanks to Martha Stewart, I found this lovely little address file that a bride had used for her guest book. I could have purchased the file for many dollars here, but I'm more of a DIY kind of girl. And I figured that I could make it more personal for a cheaper price.

It was love at first site - I knew that my "guest book" needed another purpose if I ever intended to look at it again. I wanted this to be more than just a white book that got stashed away in a box of memories and leftover programs. And this file seemed to be the perfect idea. Someone made the little wooden file for me, according to the measurements of the inspiration piece.

Using some free printable designs that I found online, I printed different lines, maps and pictures on randomly colored cardstock. (Since it was a few years ago, I'm sorry that I don't have all of those links for you to use.) I cut the cards into 4 x 2.5 inch rectangles. I purchased a handy little punch for the needed rolodex notches in each card. (I think that I paid less than $5 for the punch - so you may want to check around for some better prices). It was a great movie-watching/get-your-mind-off-all-that-you-still-have-to-do-before-the-wedding project.

Before the ceremony and at the reception, guests were encouraged to write a bit of advice or a short blessing to Jeremiah and I on the cards. I had every intention of then using this file as my address book. I thought it would be fun to have the words of wisdom from our friends and family on an item that was often used.

However....the adorable file sat untouched on a shelf by my TV for way too long. Yesterday, I thought to myself..."I really need a new address book. I've had my current one since my Encounter days, and I find myself referring more to our wedding guest list and texting friends for their address rather than keeping things organized." And then it dawned on me...I HAVE an awesome address file that I've never used!!!

I just needed to add some alphabetic dividing tabs (like the inspiration piece) and write out my addresses on the cards.

So, I gathered my crafting supplies. Luckily, I had everything on hand that I needed to make the tabs.

My trusty paper cutter, some tan cardstock, my Rolodex punch, and my tab punch.  I decided that the brown paper would be a great neutral divider.

Twenty four tabs later, I was ready to assemble.

A little glue finished up the dividers.

I immediately began adding addresses to my file (starting with those who had attended our wedding - I wrote their address on the back of their note).

I am waiting to borrow my little sister's alphabet stamps to finish up the project completely.

I love that I can easily add or take away cards - depending on my needs. I just love looking at it - knowing that I finally completed the projected that I dreamed up almost 3 years ago.

Is there any project that you've forgotten about or been putting off for as long as I had been? If you're watching the Olympics each night like I am, you'll find that it is the perfect time to do a little in-front-of-the-tv crafting.  I'd love to see what you've been working on...


  1. Wonderful idea!!! I need a new address book badly! This is so helpful, as usual!

  2. If we lived closer you could borrow my punches. You could also put it in a cutebox or a vintage Rolodex

  3. I think I finally got rid of my address book from Encounter days. Not sure that parent's address will suffice!

    I have all my address on excel, but I don't always feel like opening my computer to get to them!

    1. I figure I may do a little better with my correspondence if the file is on my coffee table where I can easily access it!