Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Card Organization

Wow! I didn't mean for that much time to pass in between blog posts. And my post today isn't even a project that I did - it's one of my mom's.

Just to clarify, I have been extra busy. We made a trip to visit our parents, I painted the kitchen during 3 nap-times, I've been reorganizing my kitchen to make the best use out of a library card catalog I commandeered (I promise to share all about this soon)...and Hudson is now reaching every time I pass him.

And he is also now sitting up.

More activity on his part means more attention must be paid on my part. Gone are the days where I could lay him on a blanket and he would stay put.

While we were on our last trip home, I fell in love with a project my mom completed for my grandmother's birthday present. Maw-Maw is such an encourager, and she is always mailing out cards of all kinds.

My creative mom purchased a cute little box from Marshall's or Ross or one of those stores.

She then made dividers for the different categories of cards: Get Well, Sympathy, Thinking of You, Birthday, etc.

Now, Maw-Maw can easily find the cards that she intends to mail.

There is also a cute little plastic sleeve in the front to hold her stamps.

How do you organize your cards? I am on the hunt for a vintage-looking box for my correspondence pieces. My mom is so creative...

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  1. The pic of Hudson with his hands up is so cute! You have your Maw-Maw's nose :)

    My cards are in a box that Sara Baczek Brown decorated when we were on the team. It says Lydia's world of fun. I have my cards separated with rubber bands. Not quite as cool! That is one fun box!