Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty and Pink for Pippa

As soon as I heard that I had a niece on the way, I jumped into full baby-project mode (see one of my Christmas presents for the new baby here). Today, I finished one of the projects for Pippa's room.

A few months back, I started cross-stitching this alphabet sampler (found here). Using the colors from the baby bedding, I chose my own placement of the colors.

It was a great "TV-Watching Project" because I could usually complete one letter in about 45 minutes.

Using a thrift store frame, I determined the size of the mat I needed to complete the project. Hobby Lobby quickly cut a pink mat to fit. Using my coupon, I was able to purchase this custom cut mat for $5.

My creative mother shared with me a technique she had learned a few years ago for making this DIY frame job look professional, using supplied I already had on hand.

We started by starching and ironing the fabric. Then, pulling the fabric tightly, we stapled the piece to a piece of mat board.

This would keep the fabric from bunching or wrinkling over time.

After measuring the exact placement of the mat, we taped the stapled piece to the pink mat board.

Once the frame is put back together correctly, we cut a piece of brown paper to fit the back of the frame. To cut the paper more precisely, I laid the paper over the frame and pressed along the edges, creating a perfect line to cut.

Using some tacky glue, I attached the paper to the back of the frame.

This gave the finished product a professional look. My mom says that a brown paper bag will work as well - if it is wrinkly, simply dampen the paper. Once it dries, it will look smooth.

I also crocheted a pink afghan for little Pippa with a ruffle around the edge.

It made a great background for some newborn pictures.

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