Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Guest Post: Painting Plastic Toys

My sister's BFF shared this fun project with me. It really makes me want to start hunting free plastic play equipment for the kids!

I love free things. I especially love free things that with one simple change can give whatever it is a whole new look. 

A few weeks ago my dad snagged some free Little Tikes play equipment from the job site he was working at and brought it over. If you are familiar with Little Tikes you know they use basic colors for their products and not exactly what I would think of as “cute” colors. I don’t have before pictures but here is what they looked like

 So I went to our hardware store and picked out the colors I wanted. I bought 3 different colors of Rustoleoum spray paint because it sticks to plastic. I wasn’t sure how much I would need so I made sure to get plenty ( I ended up using 3 green, 2 blue, and 1 purple).

The tree house had a few pins that needed to be taken out in order to take it apart. The picnic table  had quite a few nuts and bolts.

I sprayed down all of the parts and let them dry.

I then figured out which parts I wanted to paint each color and painted in groups. After letting them dry according to the directions on the can I flipped everything over and painted the other side. Some pieces needed another coat but others did not. Make sure you let everything completely dry ( 24 hours) before putting them back together. Since it is plastic the paint does easily scratch off. You may have to do some touch ups once everything is together. In the end you have bright, fun, and brand new looking toys for your kiddos. A super easy way to make those ugly plastic toys look cute!

Thanks, Jess for sharing your fun project with us. Here is another guest post Jess did a few years ago. 

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