Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pom Poms are my New Winter Decor

The other morning, when I was up earlier than I wanted to be, I decided the house looked kind of bare after removing all the Christmas decorations. I've now decided that yarn pom-poms are the perfect after-Christmas item to add to your home. Here's how I came to that conclusion.

I started moving around decor items. Using what I have or "shopping my house" is always way cheaper than running to the store.

I had made this pom-pom garland for a MOPS meeting, and it seemed more wintery than Christmasy. Kind of like snowballs, I guess. I was glad that I hadn't packed it away. I might make some green poms for a garland in Nora's room.

It was easy to make and even easier to drape across the top of my hutch.

You can find all kinds of videos showing you how to make pom-poms on forks or your fingers. But for these pretty big poms, I used my pom pom makers (purchased here). It makes a uniform pom everytime. (And there are videos showing you how to use these contraptions too).

To make the garland, I threaded some of my favorite baker's twine (buy it here...) onto an ordinary sewing needle. Then I simply strung the poms, in no particular pattern or order, onto my twine. I didn't knot the thread in between poms, so the poms can be re-positioned easily.

And once you start making these poms on the pom-pom makers, it's really addicting. So, I just started making and making them with cream yarn, using the bigger blue pom-pom maker. And all of a sudden, I had enough for a wreath.

I had seen this wreath in an Anthroplogie catalog some time back. It was my inspiration.

This little spot at the top of my stairs (we have a split level entry) has been a work in progress. While I was pregnant, I was always working on random little projects. I couldn't sleep well but didn't really want to do housework. ha. And that's how this painted canvas came to be.

I had several large canvases (read about their origin here). Once night, I painted over the crazy design on the canvas. I printed some letters out from a Word document, cut them out and traced them onto my canvas. I roughly (not neatly) painted the letters, then outlined each one with a sharpie (because there was no way I could paint that neatly...I'm no artist, but I can trace). 

I have always loved this verse from Psalm 91. I memorized a good part of this chapter in fifth grade Sunday School and can still quote it today. My teacher had these awesome illustrations to help us learn the verses...and it worked. (In fact, I wish I still had a copy of those illustrations). I love surrounding myself with Scripture. What a comfort! The feather image is copied from my MOPS workbook cover

The peg coat rack came from a trash pile at an old elementary school. They were selling furniture and lockers, and they let me have these pegs for free. A fresh coat of black paint dressed it up nicely. Since I don't have a foyer, I thought it would be a great place for guests to hang their coats. 

The wreath, is a straw wreath form from Hobby Lobby. Using the 40% off coupon, this wreath cost a little over $2. It is a 14 inch wreath. I left the plastic packaging on the wreath because I didn't want to deal with the shedding straw pieces.

After I made the poms. I attached them to the wreath with 2 straight pins each. T pins or the U shaped hair pins might hold the poms more securely, but I wanted to use what I had on hand. 

I maybe should have wrapped the wreath in fabric or yarn first, to hide the straw. But since my poms are cream, it isn't too noticeable. I didn't cover the backside in poms so that it would lay flat against the wall. This would be cute using different colors of yarn as well.

I'm pleased with my pom-poms. They are easy to make, cute and kid-friendly!

How do you decorate after Christmas? 

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