Saturday, July 26, 2014

N is for Nora and her Nice Little Bed

Although I still plan to add to this side of the room, Nora's sleeping area is looking more and more complete.

My curtains in this room are nothing new. I purchased them from Ikea shortly after we got married. (I think they are now discontinued...but might be available on ebay, etc.) They've decorated my dining area in the apartment, the guest room here, and now Nora's room. While this was strictly the guest room, I highlighted the red/pink berries with a red quilt on the bed. I knew that I wanted the green to be the star of Nora's room.

My mother-in-law sewed this beautiful bedding to compliment the curtains. I took a portion of the curtain fabric and picked out three coordinating patterns. (And I only have this blurry ipad picture to show my choices)

Using ideas from blogs (like this and this) she covered an older bumper pad and created an adorable ruffle skirt.

The skirt is made in such a way that as we lower the crib, we can re-tie the skirt to a different height, keeping it from dragging the floor.

I love that I also have the option of storing extra diapers or outgrown clothes under the crib. It will be neatly hidden beneath the pretty ruffles. The bumper pad is also reversible.

I knew that I wanted to hang a faux marquee letter over her bed. If I was super talented in the electrical department, I might have attempted to make one of these letters with real working lights. It would have made the cutest nightlight. But, a hot glue gun is my favorite choice of tool - so a faux letter was what I attempted.

I purchased a cardboard letter from Joann's ($5 after a 50% off coupon).

I've been holding on to some clearance Christmas ornaments for a few months for this project. They were originally $1 for 15 balls. I think I purchased these for 90% off at Dollar General.

With a regular pair of scissors and a box cutter, I removed the top portion of the N.

Those squiggly cardboard fillers entertained Hudson for a good 5 minutes while I worked on this project.  I also removed the top of each Christmas ball.

This now flat edge made them stand nicely inside the letter.

I laid out my "bulbs" in order to figure out the right spacing. I had originally planned to alternate the shiny ones with the frosted bulbs.

P.S. I love having this extra little painted table in the basement. I can start a project during naptime and easily walk away from my mess. It's nice to not have it all over the kitchen table, having to move it for each meal.

My BFF, Ashlee painted the N white for me. She painted the shelf seen beside the crib at the same time. I am still deciding what will be on that shelf.

In the end, I preferred the look of just the frosted ornaments. I laid them out and drew a little dot with a pencil under each ball.

A bit of hot glue held them securly in place.

Since this is just cardboard, it is super light weight. Using command strips, I simply stuck the N to the wall above the crib.

I hope to add a simple mobile over the crib, as well. And there will be cute things on that white shelf...soon. I picture a cute hamper underneath.

Little by little, this room is getting finished. I am loving every minute of it. 


  1. Cindy, I am continually blown away by your creativity! I love this room for its mix of old and new. Adorable!

    1. It's definitely fun to have an excuse to redecorate a space!