Wednesday, January 7, 2015

No-Sew Baby Headbands

Every once in a while, I need a cheap but practical project that I can complete in 30 minutes or less. Nothing too involved, but something that I am proud of upon completion. 

Last night, I made Nora several headband bows. Sure, my bathroom floor needed scrubbing and I could always do dishes...but my baby needed some cute accessories. And I needed to feel like I could actually complete something I started! 

I had seen this style bow on a friend's little girl. She told me she had just purchased the fabric and tied it into a bow. So, one Sunday morning, Nora needed a pink bow. I dug through my fabric stash and found some cute striped knit. After cutting a long strip, I tied it onto Nora's head. 

I love this style for several reasons. My baby doesn't have hair on top. So, this makes her receding hairline less noticeable. And Nora has a pretty large head...those elastic bows leave an awful line/indention that can't be healthy. This knit fabric didn't leave lines...and if it gets too small, I can easily retie the knot. 

But pink and white stripes only matches so many outfits. Yesterday, with coupons in hand, I ran to the fabric store. Even without the coupons, I would have spent less than 40 cents per headband. 

I bought 1/8 yard pieces of several knit fabrics (stretchy t-shirt-like material). These cuts cost around 75 cents each. 

At home, I cut the length of fabric half, giving me two strips that were roughly 4 inches by 32-ish inches. The lady cutting my fabric gave me a 5 inch cut for each piece of fabric. One was even wider, and I was able to cut four strips from it. Each of these strips would make one headband. If the fabric was bulkier (didn't lay as flat in the bow as I would like) I cut the strip in half...2-ish inches x 32-ish inches.  

I love that this navy and gold knit has different patterns on each side...two for one!

As you can see, there is no exact science here. If your baby's head is bigger or smaller, just adjust your cuts accordingly. The knit fabric won't really unravel. So there is no need to hem the edges. And the edges kind of roll up, hiding any crooked cut lines! I love a project I can't really mess up. 

On this yellow fabric, I accidentally cut the strip too short. But I liked the results of just tying a double knot (instead of a bow).

And you can see that these aren't tied too tightly... I might have to retie this one...

I imagine these will also look cute tied around Nora's head when her hair is in a messy bun or pony tail.  In fact, I might even make one for myself!

And the next time I get rid of a knit shirt, I might try to make another headband from the fabric! Oh the possibilities! 


  1. I was kinda waiting on Hudson to have one on his head! Too cute!

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