Friday, December 12, 2014

DIY Advent Calendar Kit

For the Christmas Tea last week, I needed favors for my table. I thought about chocolates. I thought about ornaments. Finally, I decided on DIY Advent Calendar Kits. 

I simply cut flags from cardstock. I used two different shaped flags so that I could get the most use out of my cardstock. 

Each kit also got 10-ish feet of baker's twine and 25 clothespins. I purchased a large amount of this baker's twine over a year ago. I use it all the time - wrapping gifts, etc. and I still have so much left. It was a good investment, to be sure. I measured how much string would be needed to hang all 25 flags - across a doorway top, along the top of a hutch, or even just on the wall.

I stamped each flag using my date stamp. These stamps are pretty inexpensive and I use mine all the time. 

I hoped that the guests at my table could take this home and use it to count down to Christmas. They could write on the tag what Scripture they plan to read. Or clip a 3x5 card to each dated flag with an activity or scripture reference. They could even clip an ornament for each day, hanging them on a little tree as the days pass. 

I packaged the kits in plain brown lunch sacks. 

I thought I had come up with a fabulous way to make easy tassels. I figured it made a cute bow, added color and could be later used as an ornament. But alas, someone else had already thought of my cool idea.  I ended up making two tassels from one skein of thread.

This was a fun and simple favor to make. I hope it helped a few of these ladies as they count down to Christmas. 

PS: Hudson and I are reading the Jesus Storybook as our Advent reading each evening. And I am using She Reads Truth. There is a free app and you can buy the advent pack. I, however, have just been reading it all on the website directly for free. 

What are you reading? How are you counting down to Christmas? 

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