Friday, April 27, 2012

Ladies' Friendship Tea

Last weekend, I had the privilege of participating in Twin Oaks Baptist Church's Ladies' Friendship Tea.

Jeremiah and I drove to Virginia on Friday, arriving in time to help with the preparations.

Seventeen ladies volunteered to be hostesses for the tea.

Bringing their own dishes and table decorations, each hostess prepared a beautiful table setting for 8 ladies to enjoy.

  I especially loved seeing my mom's china displayed so beautifully on one of her quilts.

 I fondly remember all the times when we would host special guests in our home, and the pretty dishes would be used.

Some ladies incorporated family heirlooms and photos in their decorations.

Others prepared a small gift of a potted plant.


This hostess had a small container of basil for each guest.

One table was centered around being a daughter of the King.

Another table, by my blog friend Joni, was a compilation of similarly colored thrifted dishes.

Each table was unique.

I once read that Martha Stewart takes the time to decorate her home and her tables to show guests that they are appreciated and treasured. Each lady who attended this tea definitely felt special and welcome. The hostesses did an amazing job.

Many helped with the food preparations.


As the ladies entered, they continued to comment on the beautifully set tables.

Door Prizes and giveaways were also present.

And the cupcakes were perfect enough to be displayed in any fancy bakery. What talented women attend Twin Oaks!

It was a perfect day for wonderful Christian fellowship, delicious food, and beautiful dishes.

It was definitely a day I was proud to be a part of.

And, yes, we're wearing our name tags at home...but when your mom's planning the tea, you put on the name tag when she tells you to!


  1. Cindy -- I was so sad to miss the event. Tommy and I go out of town twice a year to a car show in Charlotte -- and that was the weekend, of course! Saw the pic of your Dad with the "Ford" shirt -- I've gotta find him a "Chevy" one.

    1. I was sad that you missed it as well - I talked about the Bible Reading Plan - Hope you're still reading :)

  2. I like your name tag comment. Super in love with Joni's table! What did you talk about?

    1. Ha! I spoke on Sources of Encouragement - stay tuned and I'll post my lesson :)

  3. it was a simply beautiful "tea party" it was awsome. i realy enjpyed myself, thanks to everyone for making it a beautiful time of being together. joanne davidson, faith markuson"s mother.