Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Guest Post: Glitter Birthday Candle DIY

Hudson's little friend, Giada also celebrated her first birthday recently. They were born within 24 hours of each other. 

Giada's mom made the sweetest candle for her birthday cake. Here's how...

I wanted a cute candle for Giada’s Pink Ombr√© cake.  However, all the candles had lots of bold colors or didn’t match what I had envisioned.  I just wanted a plain candle! 

So, my cake decorator suggested this idea.  I was so excited that I could decorate the candle exactly how I wanted. I bought a regular #1 candle, Elmer’s rubber cement, and fairy dust sparkles.

I was so excited…but the outer lining of the candle was showing up because my sparkles were such a light color.  

I almost gave up on my sparkly candle dream.  Then my mother in law suggested scraping off the outside.  Brilliant! It’s just wax, right? Now, the candle was plain white, I added more rubber cement, and LOTS of glitter.  

The candle worked perfectly and matched my princess’ cake!

The whole party was adorable!

And, of course, Giada looked adorable too!

Thanks, Barbie, for sharing your easy project!

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