Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hudson's First Play Date

Having a baby has helped me to reconnect with some friends from my college years...It seems a few of us were all having our first baby around the same time. Well, I thought I was going to have the youngest baby and that he would be born in January. But Hudson had other plans. He decided he'd rather be closer in age to his first little friends.

Today 4 mommies and 4 babies got together for a fun lunch. We all met at one house, toting our babies, diaper bags, car seats, all those baby supplies and something to contribute to our lunch.

I wish I would have taken pictures of the food. Our host had made a chicken salad base and had all kinds of little add ins for us to personalize our sandwiches. (Cranberries, grapes, tomatoes, lettuce, pecans, etc.) We finished off the meal with some guacamole, sparkling water and baked apples.

Hudson was due January 18th...but he was born on Joseph's (in the carrier on the left) due date. Joseph was born 7 days later...and he may be twice Hudson's size.

Hudson and Giada were born just one day apart. When I took this picture with Giada's mommy many months ago, I had no idea I would deliver one day after she would.

I also attended Joseph's mom's baby shower. clue that our babies would be born within one week of each other.

Back to the babies...we decided we needed to take pictures of them...because that's what proud mommies do.

Some were happy...some were not.

And I don't even know what kind of face Hudson was making in the above picture. All four were born within three weeks of each other. And they are laying in birth order (totally by accident) from left to right.

Hudson has some catching up to do. He seemed to be asking baby Ezra (below) how to grow big and strong.

And I think we are going to have to watch out for little Giada. She was pretty quick to cuddle up to Hudson...and even linked her arm through his all on her own.

He didn't seem to mind, and decided to show off his karate moves in hopes of impressing her.

It was such an encouraging time for me, as a mom. We were able to share, laugh, and compare our stories and experiences. It was great to hear someone else was experiencing/feeling what I am. It was comforting to know that we can relate to one another in a new way. There was lots of laughter...lots of saying, "ME TOO!"...lots of asking "What is working for you guys?"  All the emotions of having a baby didn't seem quite so dramatic now that I know these other moms are experiencing the same thing.

I can't wait until we are able to get together again. And I think it is so special that our little ones can grow up together...and we can show them these pictures someday saying, "Here is the first time you guys played together...awww!"

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  1. Totally love your captions!

    I bet it was a huge encouragement to be with a group of new moms. Glad you have that group!