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Guest Post: Traveling with a Baby (5-6 Months)

While planning our up and coming family vacation to the beach, I decided to ask some of my new-mommy friends if they had picked up any tips during their travels. Hudson's friend Giada (who is one day older than him)'s mommy had lots of good advice to pass along. 

Two Month Old Playdate (See more pictures here)

So my husband and I took our sweet baby girl (5 and half months old) on a 3 week adventure.  Giada experienced the Dominican Republic with our amazing college students, a beach trip to Miami , and a trip to see my parents in Delaware. We calculated over 40 hours logged in the car.  We cannot complain- she did great! But we learned a lot of tricks and tips!!!

Tips for Airplane Traveling:
1. First, be calm! Even though it's your first time traveling with a baby, other people have seen babies on planes!

2. Pack only what you are willing to lug around and carry plus a baby in the airport. (Some people take  a stroller. I didn't because my in-laws had one at our final destination.)

3.Right around take off time, feed your baby (nurse, bottle, or paci if they are not hungry).  I did read one tip - if they are already asleep, leave them. The baby will not be affected by the pressure. That proves true because my sweet Giada ate and fell asleep before the plane took off. She slept a good 2 hours!

4. Take fun toys or let them play with the cups the  stewardess brings by. (You'll do anything to keep a baby entertained!)

5. If your baby cries, it's okay!! Just do what you can to console them and know people understand. 

Tips for Taking a LONG LONG Road Trip:

1. Pack everything your baby owns...just kidding - it does feel that way....     But really, count how many days you'll be gone and lay out outfits for you baby. Then take extra for...well you know accidents, blowouts, spit up. You're a mom, you know this stuff can AND will happen! (Lots of wipes, diapers, etc. and google a packing list like this:

2.Be prepared to change your baby anywhere - especially your car. Believe it or not, many gas stations do not have changing tables!

3.Pack all kinds of fun toys and be sure to leave room in the backseat for you or whoever isn't driving. I promise there will be some fun games of entertaining and verses of "Old McDonald" in your near future. 

4.Travel when your baby is either happy or sleepy. Now, this isn't always possible when you are driving more than a few hours - that's where "Itsy Bitsy Spider" comes in. BUT plan the big chunks of traveling around a nap or bedtime to get some good mileage.  We also broke our trip up into several days. The most we traveled in 1 day was about 8/9 hours. It's a little more expensive this way, but I think it works better for you and the baby. 

5.Get Starbucks. Often. Whenever the baby needs to be changed or fed, you deserve a treat!

Tips for Taking a Baby to the Beach:

1.Get a really good sunscreen. I researched and asked my doctor what was best. I chose the Coppertone Water Babies (SPF 50). I tested it on my baby's skin (legs) a few days before to make sure she didn't have a reaction. 

    *Beach day - put on at least 15 minutes prior to heading in the sun and reapply often!

2. Buy: waterproof diapers, a sun hat and sunglasses.  Also, a float is always a plus to giving your arms a break and letting baby relax a little. 

3. Take an umbrella and a sheet/blanket for you and baby to relax. You will be amazed at how quickly the sun and water tires your sweet baby. 

4. Some people take a bathtub or a mini pool for the baby to sit in. We were never there all day so we didn't try those. But I can see how they would be very helpful and entertaining. 

5. Realize it's a different kind of vacation with a baby. You may not get to lay out the whole day and get a tropical tan BUT you are making memories and introducing your baby to beach life. So make it fun!!!

**Last travel tip no matter where you go...your baby's schedule will get off track with traveling. If you know this ahead of time, it makes it a lot easier on you. I promise when you return home they will eventually get back into their "normal" routine within a few days!

Best of luck and have lots of fun making memories with your family!

Other advice I've received: 
·         Getting a baby tent like this for the beach.
·         Pack everything! It just makes life easier and more relaxing to have your favorite things there at the beach house (play mat, bouncy seat, toys, etc). It may be more difficult on the drive there but very worth it when you arrive. 
·         Take turns with who stays at home with the babies and who goes to the beach. This keeps the babies out of the heat and sand and lets the parents have some time to not have to worry about checking on the baby every 5 seconds. 
·          Bring baby powder to help get sand off babies. 
It's going to be different....but it's going to be fun! We can't wait to take Hudson on vacation.

Last summer, I did a post on packing tips. You can check that out here

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