Monday, July 1, 2013

Hudson Says: "I'm 7 Months old and on the move"

(This post is brought to you by Hudson...our little mover)

Hi! I'm Hudson... I'm seven months old. And I still haven't figured out why mom lays me on this big calender every once in a while. I guess it shows you how much I'm growing.  I've come a long ways since my one month picture. 

No, I'm not  sucking my thumb...I'm gnawing on it. Sometimes my gums hurt...and this helps. I'm eating lots of fun foods now. My favorite so far is pears and bananas and sweet potatoes...If it's a food I really like, I say, "UMMMMM" with every bite. 

I'm also working on mastering the sippy cup. And I love to play.

At my six month check up I weighed 14 pounds and 14 ounces. The doctor says I'm right on track! I think mom was afraid I'd jump off the scales.

I like to move around a lot these days. 

I don't stay in the same place for very long. 

It's just more fun this way. 

I'm figuring out that I can scoot to just about anywhere. For some reason, I rarely scoot on my belly. I can go farther when I'm on my back. However, it's a little hard to see where I'm going that way. 

Has it REALLY been seven months already? I can't believe it!

Well, I guess it has been that long. 

I think it's time to roll back over...

...and grab my toes. Did you know I can do this? 


  1. He has grown so much in the last 7 months! You are going to love having these pictures to see how God has taken care of the little Hudson!

  2. So cute !! I can't get over how quick he is growing.