Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY Scrabble Magnets

I love interactive decor - it automatically has two purposes.

  1. It looks nice/fun
  2. It is entertaining
About a year ago, I made some easy Scrabble magnets - I picked up another game of Scrabble at the thrift store yesterday for $1.50 and decided to add to my magnets. And then, I realized I had never blogged about this fun project in the first place. 

I noticed last year that I had two and a half Scrabble games - and since you really only need one set to play the game, I decided that it might be fun to use the extra tiles in a different way. This is a great use for an incomplete Scrabble game, as well. 

First, I gathered the needed supplies: Scrabble tiles, magnets (I used the roll of magnets that has the adhesive backing), and scissors. 

Then, I cut my magnet strips to fit the back of the tiles. At this point, I realized that my magnets were a little older than I had hoped. Some parts were no longer "sticky." So, I just pulled out some regular craft glue. 

I then attached the magnets to the tiles. 

And waited for them to dry properly. If you don't wait long enough, you will hear little tiles pitter-pattering all evening as they fall off your refrigerator onto the kitchen floor. And have to sweep them out from under your fridge. Just saying...

Then, I played with my new magnets. 

It's fun to having a running game - just add a word every now and then.

Or, often our guests will stand at the refrigerator working away until they use all the letters. Kids especially love to play with them. A little girl Sunday night worked very hard to get most of them into a straight line formation.

I've left messages with them before, displayed the evening menu, etc. You may also remember seeing the magnets used in our gender reveal video here

I'm now thinking of other game pieces that would make fun magnets....dominoes, Sorry pieces, etc. Keep your eye out for cheap Scrabble games at the thrift store - It will make a fun addition to your kitchen! 


  1. Your pictures are great! I have some number tiles that are similar. Maybe will have to make them into magnets!