Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Word Art Part Two: A few collages

As I mentioned before, a couple of my projects last week had to do with words/numbers. You can see my DIY Flash Card Art here.

Part Two of my "Word Art" series was a few frame collages that made it onto our walls. I tend to hoard things like picture frames. I have an entire laundry basket down in our storage area filled with various sizes and colors of frames. Thanks to that organized hoarding, I spent ZERO dollars on these projects. And one of them has to do with more flash cards.

All of the picture frames used were from Target clearance end caps from one time or another. The floating frames (pictured above) have held many different pictures and items over the years. I chose to hang them in the living room this time. The flash cards may be temporary art. Someday, I think that family silhouettes cut from patterned paper might look pretty neat between the glass. But for now, I'm having fun with these older flash cards.

Collage area number two involved some white frames. I had picked up the 4x6 frame for FREE from Target. ($2 off any frame coupon plus a $1.99 priced frame = FREE frame and happy Cindy).

The other frame was technically considered a "Valentine Item." It was originally priced $4.99, but at 90% off, I only paid 50 cents for this lovely gem. After I turned the heart mat would never be able to tell the difference.  So, always check out those after-holiday clearance sections. Some stuff in there isn't holiday specific!

The Scrabble pieces were from a set I bought at a Thrift Store for $1. I always pick up Scrabble games when I see them. I arranged them with some specific words and inside-joke phrases. The "C" hook is from the $1 bin at Michael's. I have had all these items "on-hand" for quite some time. But if I'm counting pennies, this arrangement would have cost $2.50. The print was also a free print from an online photo place. (It's from our Grand Canyon Vacation a few years back...)

I now love seeing this little collection as I walk out of our bedroom into the hallway.

I especially love the white against the buttery walls. It seems that the walls look a different color in every picture I take, but this one seems to be the truest representation of the color. It was already on many of our walls when we moved in. I like that it is a neutral, but not too neutral (Confusing? Well, it made sense to me. ha)  For example, my split-foyer entry has teal and orange.

So, even though I didn't pick this paint, I love it. (How in the world did I get to talking about paint colors...oh well).

A big thanks goes to by husband - he is always willing to hang all these things on the wall for me! I don't know what I would do without him. I'm loving all my "new" wall art/word art.


  1. These are all great pieces! Great ideas, not to mention the costs :)

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