Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Word Art Part One: DIY Flash Card

For some reason, in the past few days, I have completed 4 projects to hang on my walls. And ALL of them have included either letters or numbers. So, over the next few days, I'll share my simple word art with you. The best part is...I didn't spend a dime! I used things I had on hand. In my opinion, that's the best kind of project.

Now, when I say "Word Art," I don't mean that special little feature we figured out how to use during freshman-year computer class.

My first project was a large flash card. I had originally seen the project in an old Pottery Barn kids magazine. The blown-up flashcards are no longer for sale - But, as cute as they are, I would never have been willing to shell out close to $100 for such a piece.

I had been on the hunt for the perfect frame for quite some time. A week ago, my mom brought the perfect frame to me. I quickly got to work deciding on the right font to use. I must have tried one hundred different options before finally settling on Century Schoolbook. (Makes sense...Schoolbook...flashcards..). I used a leftover piece of canvas drop-cloth as the background. I simply cut the letters out of black card stock.

I chose an equation that may seem odd to many.  But, my husband has always said, "I will always remember our anniversary is March 13, 2010 because.... three minus thirteen is negative ten." And art that has a specific meaning, makes a home seem more personal.

I was super proud of my piece. I sent pictures to my friends and family. But, while bending the final staple in place on the back of the frame....I heard a "pop."

I had cracked the glass.

One crack that went the entire width of the glass. Ugh! I was so frustrated.

Yesterday, I had my husband go ahead and hang it on the wall. I'll figure out later if I will just let it hang without the glass or search or a cheap replacement. I honestly hate to pay for glass  because I cracked it. And, because this started out as a FREE project!

For now, I just like to look at that corner of the living room.


  1. I didn't even pay attention to the math problem. Too funny! I have a problem remembering the year we were married. Maybe because it was the last day...

    Try a local hardware store for the glass. They might have glass cheap. Maybe call and ask and you might be surprised!

  2. oh, how cute! Love the meaning :) <3 I may thieve this idea for the awkwardly long picture frame I have stored in our back room!