Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Men in my Life...

Last week, as I stood in the card aisle, selecting Father's Day cards...I was overwhelmed, realizing how blessed I am. I really kind of teared up - I was trying to act normal as people were reaching around me to find the perfect card for their loved ones. I have always loved sending a card to my dad and grandpas - letting them know they are special and appreciated. But as I stood there, I started thinking, "Lord, thank you so much for the great men you have placed in my life." Even though I may not be able to send a card to some of those special men because they are in Heaven, I still have cards to buy.

First, you should know... I'm a "daddy's girl." Always have been. Always will be. Not because I think I am spoiled or always get my way (um...that is not the case!) - but just because I love my dad! I don't think there is a more godly, more caring guy out there. I have said it before, I love my family and I have a tremendous amount of "Covey Pride." (Maybe we need T-shirts...?)

He showed me how my relationship with my Heavenly Father should be. In fact, today, we had a good talk about spiritual things. I still call him with questions. I can remember seeing him in the early hours of the morning with a Diet Mountain Dew and the his Bible. Usually, he was reading something to aid in his spiritual growth before he went to bed too. I praise the Lord for my godly heritage.

He involved us all in the ministry. It wasn't just that my dad was a pastor - it was something we did together. We all worked VBS. I took the pie in the face right along with dad. We all straightened the chairs before Sunday School. We all went to the senior citizen's soup dinner. And honestly, I loved every minute of it.

He taught me many things -

  • He taught me how to drive - I remember when I was just learning, I hit a large piece of roadkill straight on in that little red Subaru. He quietly told me, "Next time, it's ok if you want to kinda drive around that."
  • He taught me how to make french toast - And since that's Jeremiah's favorite food, it's a good skill to have mastered. 
  • He taught me the importance of a written note -  I remember him writing me little notes and cards even when I was a little girl. I hold onto some of those cards and bits of encouragement even to this day. I still love when he writes me to tell me that he is proud of me.
  • He taught me how to journal my prayers - I started this when I was in the tenth grade. I have a box of journals covering the past 13 years of my life. I had watched him writing in a journal many times. After he encouraged me to journal my prayers, I felt that I got to know God in a more honest, personal way.  
  • He taught me that when you use a dish, go ahead and put it in the dishwasher. He was always helping around the house and teaching Amy and I the importance of cleaning up our area. 
  • He taught me how to design things on the computer - One day he said, "You're going to design the church newsletter this month." I just looked at him and said, "How?" He just smiled and said, "See what you can come up with." 
  • He taught me to play the guitar and love music. We spent many hours strumming away on the floor in my bedroom to a cd or the radio. 
  • He taught me how to paint - and we all know how often I use those skills. 
  • And the list could go on and on...

He has pushed me to do more than I ever thought I could do. I can remember him giving me a problem to solve...not telling me how to do it. I used to think, "Why don't you just tell me exactly how to do this?" But he was teaching me to be an independent thinker and a problem solver. He has always believed in me - and sometimes that is all the encouragement I needed.

He sat with me when I cried over not having a date to Junior/Senior banquet. He told me that God had someone special for me. He told me that I was worth it. (And wouldn't you know that Jeremiah didn't take a date to his Jr/Sr...if only he hadn't lived several states away. ha)

I quote him all the time... "You can't get in trouble for the things you don't say." "When looking for a person to marry, run hard after God, and then notice who is running with you." "We all buy things we don't need - with money we don't have - to impress people we don't like."

He is a hard worker, a faithful husband to my mom and a caring dad. And I LOVE the fact that Hudson gets to have him as a Paw-Paw.

I was also blessed with wonderful grandpas. Some have gone on to heaven, and some are still here on earth. But all of them were hard workers and loved their families.

Paw-Paw Covey

Papaw Charlie


Pa and Hudson

This year was a very special Father's Day because I was able to celebrate Jeremiah as a dad. Last year, we hadn't shared our big news yet. I gave him a card and such but no one else knew. And, we hadn't tried out this thing called "parenting" yet. - But this year, we have Hudson to join in on the festivities.

Jeremiah is so patient with Hudson. He helps me sooooo much. I seriously don't want to think about trying to do this parenting this without him. We laugh together, cry together and try our best to raise Hudson as our parents raised us.

I am so thankful that God chose to bless me with such a great husband and father for my son.

As I watch him take care of our Hudson, I remember the reasons I fell in love with him in the first place. Hudson, just wait until your Daddy can show you all kinds of cool stuff.

I'm also thankful that I can honor my father-in-law and Jeremiah's grandpas on this day.  It is pretty neat to think I get to claim these great men as family now as well.

My Heavenly Father has surrounded me with some great guys! I am so blessed.

Happy Father's Day!


  1. A great ending to Father's Day was reading your blog post. We love you all.

  2. Like I told you love these pics and this are so blessed to have such a loving dad and just as blessed with Jeremiah as he is you....