Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little problem solving, a little redecorating...

Two problems recently presented required immediate attention - I mean, things were falling off the wall. The other issue seemed to be a battle that all must fight - the dreaded junk pile.

As of this evening, both problems are now solved - and in the mean time, a few spaces in my kitchen have been redecorated.

What is my motivation to re-decorate, you may ask...why not leave things as they are?
  1. Sometimes it's because I have picked up a new item while thrifting/shopping/bargain hunting. 
  2. Sometimes it's because I need to clean. Rearranging a room forces me to vacuum in places that are normally hidden. It forces me to reorganize problem areas. And, with a new arrangement, I am usually a little more motivated to keep it picked up (for a little while, anyways!)
  3. Sometimes it's because I am bored with a space. 
  4. Sometimes it's because I am forced to. Such was the case with problem #1
  5. Sometimes it's because my original configuration just isn't working. Such was the case with problem #2.
Even today, my mom sent me a picture of a space that she had rearranged/redecorated. I guess that's where I get the desire to "change things up." Even if I am using items that I already own, it is a huge moral boost to see something different in my home.  After Jeremiah and I had been married for about six months he said, "You'll never be 'finished' decorating the house, will you -" I just smiled and shook my head. 

Problem #1...My shutters kept falling off the wall. I have loved being able to display Christmas cards and such in my red shutters. (Read about their original debut a few Christmases ago here.) However, they have been knocked off the wall several times in the last few months - probably because they are so heavy. Since we will soon have a crawler and toddler, I figured I had better change something before it fell on Hudson's head.

Hudson was quite concerned.

He is definitely on the move these days.

I mean, he's already learning to fly...

It's quite impressive.

Back to the kitchen the last time the shutters fell was at my coffee party. Now you see the shutters...

... now you don't.

This last time that they fell - they hit me in the head. My friend was helping me to move the table closer to the wall when it happened. I was glad it grazed my head and not Hudson's or one of my guests', however - I wasn't going to put them back up, only to have them fall again. It just wasn't worth it. And, now, I can look for another use for these shutters.

I've had a picture/painting that I picked up at a yard sale for $1. It hung in my old apartment and the colors matched nicely there. It was the perfect size for the previous home of the shutters, but the frame needed some paint.

That strip of burgundy was not my favorite. After a little frog tape and some white paint...

...we were in business. I even left some streaks on purpose - so that it would blend nicely with the distressed hutch.

I'm completely satisfied with the results.

You may have also seen the "new to me" thermoses atop my hutch. I picked those up at Goodwill last week for just $2 each! I think I may have found a new item to collect! These are in excellent condition. I will now be on the lookout for cheap, vintage thermoses of the same era- in all shapes and sizes and colors.

Problem #2 - I feel that most people have this problem...that place in your home where the junk pile collects. It may be by your front door. It may be on your kitchen counter. It may be on your coffee table. It may be in a chair. For me, it was on my 6.5 foot kitchen table. Mail, my purse, coupons, magazines, cards, pictures - you name it! There was always a pile. There was always mail to be sorted. Paperwork to be filed. Or just junk that needed to be thrown away. And so, I decided it was time for this to be cleared up...for now.

My husband had the great idea of clearing out the top drawer of the hutch. We placed a simple plastic office tray in there that can hold papers that "need to be handled."

I also designated a place for the mail of the day to be placed. I had seen this cute idea (via Pinterest, of course) and decided to give it a try.

Using a regular needle and some white embroidery floss, I cross-stitched a chevron pattern into this regular desk organizer (that we already owned). I am please with the results...however, stitching in the center of each row was a little more difficult that I had imagined it to be. A shorter needle may have helped.

For now, the mail organizer is sitting on this plain lazy-susan. That little piece of wood may get a makeover soon.

Time will tell if the top drawer of the hutch and this little mail organizer will help with our "pile." If not, we'll try something else!

Using some items that we already had on hand, I was able to solve my 2 problems. I guess that SOMETIMES it pays to be a hoarder of thrifty finds and craft supplies. My craft closet is begging for some organization, though - then, I feel I will be able to put these supplies to better use! It helps to know what you've got!

If you could see my table right now, you would see that the mail from today is happily waiting to be read in my embroidered desk organizer. And there is no fear of being knocked unconscious by a pair of really heavy old shutters.

What problems have you solved recently? What motivates you to redecorate? 


  1. Love the new look and I am hoping to find some shutters...

  2. Oh those hoards of craft things can be bad to keep organized. I just had to work through mine a few weeks ago. Probably won't be long and I will again!

    Junk piles. I have one that I should get off of here to work on :)

  3. Your dining space is awesome! That framed print is great. Such a testimony to the power of a little paint! And I love the picnic basket and thermoses (that word looks funny)!

    Mostly I redecorate as I add things. And the other bigie is moving stuff from room to room... realizing something works better in another spot. That's fun.

    1. Thanks! And I kept trying to re-type "thermoses". It still doesn't look right! Ha

      I move stuff from room to room too!