Friday, May 17, 2013

Hudson Says: My little green chair...

While mom's washing my clothes (I just can't figure out how to not spit up...) I thought I'd help her out and write today's Friday Find Under $5.  

   I'm not sure if you have met my mom or not...but she is always painting something...

 And this week was no exception! I was just hanging out in my Bumbo minute she's talking to me in high pitched tones. The next minute, she's got out her sponge brush and a free quart of paint from ACE. 

She tells me that this little project was for me. She bought this little chair that would convert into a stool for 50 cents. 

 I'm told that's a pretty good deal.  And she keeps picking up little wooden toys for me. 

She kept saying something about that ACE paint with the primer built in would cover anything, making it great for thrift store finds. I guess it was a pretty easy thing to paint once she got that stubborn sticker off the front. 

 But I told mom she needs a challenge every once in a while. 

I was ready to try this chair out right away. But mom said it had to dry. 

And so I waited... 

And waited...and chewed on my hands some...

and played on my playmat...

and waited some more. 

And finally, it was time to give it a try. 

Mom insisted on holding me up...I guess I'm not as steady as I think I am. Ignore my spit up's pretty common these days. 

And then I flipped the back of the seat to the ground and tried it out as a step stool. 

I'm sure that I can soon use this little item to get into all kinds of fun places!


  1. did you plan for his pants to match the chair ? I support it.

  2. I love the color of the chair/stool so much and how cute to have Hudson "write" a blog!!!

  3. I just love reading about all your lil crafts! GOOD JOB on this one! Cute Chair! I have GOT to get some FREE ACE PAINT one of these Saturdays!