Monday, December 19, 2011

The Shutters were Hung in the Kitchen with Care...

I find myself almost skipping to the mailbox each afternoon to see what Christmas cards may have arrived. Last year, I put all of our cards inside a metal birdcage - This year, I wanted to find a different way to display the cards we received.

In our old apartment, I had 2 black shutters hung on a photo collage wall - Unfortunately, this is the only picture I could locate of the shutters - it only shows the corner of the collage.

I also used to use them in my dorm room. 

After a quick coat of glossy red spray paint (left over from my fork and spoon), they were ready to be hung. 

I decided to hang them at different heights to keep it from seeming like the twin towers on the kitchen wall. (For some reason, my decorating often resembles National monuments.)

Our Christmas cards look perfect nestled in the shutters.

As we get closer to Christmas, I am sure they will fill up more.

And, I'm thinking this will be a great place to display mail all year - Birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc!. One more item to check off my Christmas To-Do list!

How are you displaying your cards this year?


  1. Love it. How did you hang them? I don't really want to put holes in my walls but not sure if command strips would hold them up.

  2. That is so cool! I think I may makes this for my grandma next year!

  3. Heather, my husband hung them with nails - my shutters are really old and extremely heavy. Maybe if you have some of the newer vinyl ones, a command strip might work. You could always set them on a shelf or something instead of nailing them to a wall. I told my mom she should set some in front of her fireplace.