Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mission Organization: the Deep Deep Linen Closet

Today's post may not be full of pretty pictures or creative crafts. But it has definitely made our lives more functional. As we prepare for the baby (see our gender reveal video here), we are trying to organize every nook and cranny of our home. We started our registry this past weekend, and it made me realize exactly how much "stuff" this baby is going to need. And more "stuff" means we will need more space to put it.

And I'm not the only one tackling the organizational projects. My husband came up with this idea and executed it all by himself. I am sorry to say I don't have a before picture, but you can imagine...our hall bathroom has a good sized linen closet. However, it contained the deep deep shelves just like our pantry. (See how we made the pantry shelves more functional here.) The shelves, although spacious, are just too deep to be functional. Toiletry items and towels get shoved to the back...and then it seems that those items are never seen again. We were already using some of the plastic dorm drawers in the bottom of the closet, and that was helpful. But those top shelves just seemed to be full of wasted space.

The entire project took only one evening for my talented husband to complete. If you've see our hall bathroom, you know that it is extremely long. I had to come up with a creative use for the long wall (see that towel rack here). And I also added an eye chart to the back of the door (see that here) -- it really is that long of a bathroom. My husband emptied the closet, and it filled the floor of the bathroom.

After just rearranging how the shelves were placed and cutting some in half, there is soooo much more room in the deep deep closet.

The shelves used to come all the way from the back of the closet to the door frame. Just by cutting the board in half and placing those same boards on the side of the closet, we are now able to see and reach all those items that got lost before.

I apologize for the odd angles of the pictures, but the bathroom is too skinny and long to get a better view. My husband also added a shelf to the top of the closet that is great for travel bags that don't get used too often. The beach towels and sunscreen got placed up high as well. (We'll paint that top shelf white soon...don't worry!)

I thought this closet was full before the renovation. But all the same items were placed back in the deep deep closet - and we now have room for the baby items!  

I'm thankful for my creative husband who had a vision for the linen closet! I love a project that takes zero dollars and makes our lives easier. I can't wait to fill our linen closet with baby lotion and a baby bathtub! (and many many more baby items...)


  1. We have deep closets, too, and we just did the L-shaped shelves. Makes a huge difference!

    1. I couldn't believe how much more effectively we could use the space

  2. I like this idea! We have deep closets...with no shelves. Yikes!

  3. Looks great! Gotta love it when our men figure things out and just get em done! Looks like you have lots of room for baby stuff! :) Hope you are feeling well!