Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Challenge Continues...

Last week, I accepted the Pinterest Challenge - to actually do some of the ideas I've pinned. Read about my first project here.

This week, I'm on to bigger and better things. The hall bathroom has a very large blank wall - just begging for a little inspiration. While digging through millions of pinterest ideas, I happened across this idea from here.

For some reason, I miss my crazy Covey family the most on Sunday evenings - Perhaps its because this was the night my family would always come home from church (a busy day for us since my dad is a pastor), fix something fun for dinner and watch a movie together. Sometimes it was simple food: grilled cheese or a bowl of cereal. Sometimes we'd play games. Sometimes mom and I would take a walk - regardless of what we did, we were together. This past Sunday night, I talked to my mom on the phone - she was ready to tackle a project of her own. This motivated me to get to work...

The original idea is an actual towel rack - I decided to make this a costless DIY project. Since I don't operate electric tools, I had to change up the materials needed.

Using a page from my journal, I sketched my tree out here...

Since we are still unpacking some things, I was unable to quickly locate my yardstick. But a piece of molding would do to help me make long straight lines for the trunk. After sketching the tree on the wall with a pencil, I gathered my painting supplies. I grabbed the can of white paint that we had in the garage from painting my kitchen cabinets. After digging through my craft supplies, I realized there was only one option for my choice of paint brush if I wanted to use supplies I had on hand...
The trunk was a breeze - just simple lines. But I had a lot more details before this would resemble my inspiration photo. With just the trunk painted, it was looking a little like a skinny version of the Washington Monument - Although my husband loves DC, I was not planning to decorate the hall bathroom in such a theme.

After all the lines were filled in with one coat, I was satisfied with the amount of branches.

Three coats later, my painting was done.

 After a quick trip to Lowe's with my husband, he installed the hooks - I chose simple white robe hooks, thinking that when a towel wasn't hanging from these branches that the hooks would blend in nicely with the tree. I added 3 hooks. Two on the left side of the trunk and one on the right. 
I'm so pleased with the results! 

While my husband had out his tools - he graciously hung a few more things for me in the kitchen. My $3 tray for the latest Treasure Hunt made an adorable message board.
And I chose to hang my favorite birdie hook under it to told my measuring cups and spoons. I'm in search of something else cute to hang to the left of the bird...maybe another hook. 

 He also hung the word "EAT" over the pantry door. 

Have you hung anything new lately? Or tackled any Pinterest ideas? Join me in the challenge! 
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  1. cool towel rack. i'm the hubby hanging blinds for your mom. first one up in the laundry room. looks good.

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  3. Cute idea, the comment about DC made me laugh haha

  4. I love the towel hooks. So cute. I think this would work awesome for the kids dress-up clothes in their play room. Thanks for the idea.

  5. This is the first time I've seen this idea! I love it...might just be what I'm looking for in my kids bathroom. Also, I sure appreciate my handy hubby around the house too. They sure make DIY projects easier.

  6. Love the towel tree! I just painted a tree in my kids' bathroom {though haven't posted it yet}. So obviously I'm in love with big painted trees. :) You did a great job!

  7. Here from YHL - love your towel tree. Too cute!

  8. The tree is very unique!

    I have EAT above my pantry too!

  9. That is a great idea. Xo1187 @aol.com