Friday, November 11, 2011

Cute "Eye"dea...

A few weeks back, my little sister came to spend the night.

She, of course, got to use our guest room and guest bathroom. She gave me an "eye"dea that I have been d"eye"ing to try.

Since our hall bathroom is thirteen and a half feet long...Amy thought it would be a great place to check your vision. In case you're wondering, if one can see at a distance of 20 feet an object that normally can be seen at 20 feet, then one has 20/20 vision.The bathroom isn't quite 20 feet, but it still seemed to be a fun "eye"dea.

I used to create the chart. You can enter 28 characters into your chart. If your saying is less than 28 characters, the site will randomly place other letters at the bottom of your page to fill the gaps.

I chose the following phrase:

And it's now proudly hanging in my guest bathroom -

ready to check my guest's vision and hopefully make them smile. 

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