Saturday, September 8, 2012

Treasure Hunting

You all know I love a good treasure hunt. And with all this nursery planning under-way, I have a list of treasures that I am on the hunt for (in addition to my normal list in my thrifting notebook).

After a recent basement reorganization, I took quite a pile to a consignment sale. They have one sale in the spring and one in the fall - Since it's all "junk" that I don't want any more, I am happy with the 70% commission that I make. And it is tons easier than setting up a garage sale. Since my neighbor/bff and I were some of the first to drop off our items, we had passes to shop early for the sale. It was fun to notice the bigger ticket items I had brought that were already gone! (Like an office chair, a wicker ottoman and a couple lamps). We searched through the treasures, in hopes of a few deals for ourselves. And upon returning home, I was excited to see that I had made over $60 in the first day! Wohoo!

Then, this morning, she and I took off again for a community yard sale event. I was hoping to score a nice dresser for the nursery or a glider. Even though I didn't find those items, I didn't come home empty handed.

Believe it or not, I was most excited about a metal trash can that I was able to talk the seller down in price. It just needs a little soap and water. I have been wanting something vintage looking for our kitchen. This is kitchen size - and it isn't really a vintage piece. It should be fun to add to the eclectic mix. It may look like R2D2 to some, but to me, it is adorable!

Last night, I purchased the square basket for $3 (it looks brand new). I also purchased the darker wooden key for $1. And the metal light switch cover was also $1. I love to paint these funky colors. Not pictured (doesn't that remind you of your yearbooks??) is my 8 foot wooden curtain rod for the living room window ($5), 4 mini muffin pans ($1 total) and a milk glass container. The dishes were in the dishwasher.  Today, I purchased the burlap-ish tea towel for 25 cents. I figure it will make a great pillow for my brown/orange/tan/white nursery. I found another wooden key for 50 cents (I do have a plan for these keys) and  Mary Poppins and Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe DVDs for $1.

Stay tuned to see where these treasures end up! Did any of you do any treasure hunting this weekend? 

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