Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let Him Do the Planning

While trying to play some major catch up on the plan, I read through two complete Bible stories in the Old Testament. When reading multiple passages at one setting, my mind automatically searches for the common ground. Is there a main principle that these passages both possess?

My reading began with Genesis 24-31 (don't judge how far behind I've fallen). Abraham decided it was time for his son Isaac to have a wife. They followed God's plan, and the perfect wife was provided. Once Isaac and Rebekah had children, God's plan was not always followed. Trickery and jealousy led to brothers being ready to kill each other. In the end, the brothers were restored.

I then read of Samson in Judges 7-16 - God had given Samson incredible strength. I'm sure God had incredible plans for him - yet he went his own way and revealed the source of his strength. He was imprisoned and laughed at. In the end, Samson was given one last measure of strength and killed more Philistines in his death than he did in his entire life.

Despite their disobedience, God still used these individuals to do great things for Him. I couldn't help but wonder how these individuals might have done greater things had they gone according to God's plan. How might God have used Jacob and Esau  if they hadn't quarreled and messed up the birthright? How many Philistines might Samson have defeated had he kept his God given strength for his entire life?

In moments of indecision, when I am tempted to get ahead of God, I need to think back over these stories I've read. I know deep down that God's timing is best and God's plan is perfect. God, in His grace and mercy may choose to still use me after I go my own way, but if I remain in the center of His will and wait on His timing - the outcome will always be according to His perfect plan.

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It's amazing to me that this is the exact lesson I needed to learn last night - God in His sovereignty knew that I would be behind in my reading plan. This is by no means an excuse to always fall behind in my plan, but it is a confirmation that God knows everything and is in control.

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  1. So thankful for HIS grace when I jump the gun and try to 'fix' things on my own! New follower.
    Blessings, Audrey

  2. Thanks for the simple encouragement. :) I love how much we can learn from the OT.