Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Help me remember...

 We all know I love mail! Even though I am thankful for technology and the speediness of an email, I love to receive old snail mail. In fact, my husband lets me get the mail from our mailbox each day just because it makes me so happy. You'd think I would have wanted to be a mail carrier when I grew up, but that was Amy. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would quickly reply, "A mailman, because they get to wear shorts in the summer."

You would think my love of mail would propel me to send lots of mail - but I don't. I do great with Christmas cards (read about this year's cards here), but I have ashamedly been very neglectful in the Birthday Card/Anniversary Card department. And I've decided....that's got to change. It's not that I don't want to send cards, but I just don't remember that it's someone in my family's birthday (or I don't remember to look if it's someone in my family's birthday) until I see all the random birthday wishes on Facebook. And then I'm irritated that I missed yet another family member's birthday.

So I'm declaring that the real root of the problem is my not remembering to look if there are important dates in the near future. I naturally went to Pinterest to find a solution to my problem (It seems to be the answer to most things these days. Need a recipe -- Pinterest. Need a gift idea -- Pinterest.  Need a crochet pattern -- Pinterest. Can't get a stain out -- Pinterest. Bored -- Pinterest.).

After searching "BIRTHDAY REMINDERS" I came up with the following favorites. (Presented in random order)

NUMBER ONE:  from here. But let's be honest...I would probably forget to move the tags.

NUMBER TWO: from here. I liked the basic idea here, but not loving the way it reminds me of M&M's.

NUMBER THREE: from here. Beautiful but not for free.

NUMBER FOUR: from here. Liking the printable option. But if this list is in a 3 ring binder - I will forget to look at it!
NUMBER FIVE:  Cute DIY from here.

NUMBER SIX: from here.

NUMBER SEVEN: from here

NUMBER EIGHT: from here. Maybe someday...

And the winner is:   NUMBER SIX!  I love the cuteness of this printable. I already own a small clip board. I have high hopes of adding a hook to my refrigerator so this list will hold a prominent place in our kitchen. 

NUMBER SEVEN came in a close second - I may print this one as well if I have a hard time remembering to flip to the next month. 

 The Pretty Blog has some beautiful designs - and this Free Printable was just my style!

How do you keep up with Birthdays?

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