Friday, November 18, 2011

Pin-Did (It's all about follow-through)

  We all know how addicting Pinterest is (and if you don't know, just spend five minutes on the site...and you'll see what I mean).


 I've always loved magazines! And I've loved finding awesome projects online. Before Pinterest, I would have 20 tabs on an internet browser that I refused to close, for fear that I would lose the location of the project. Or, I would have 47 random pictures on my desktop. Now, Pinterest keeps track of all those lovely things for me!

This morning, I noticed I have 599 Pins, and I have actually completed 31. And I have the supplies to complete another 11. I have not made a single recipe that I have pinned :( But I have used other recipes I saw on Pinterest (like Mini-Corn Dogs or 3 Ingredient Chocolate/Pumpkin Muffins).

I also feel the need to also explain that I have completed a number of projects that I did not pin (because they are Christmas Presents...and I love an element of surprise.)

Recently, I made some friends some bracelets like this pin. But I didn't want those friends to see the pin and make it for themselves first! ha.

Some pins, just make me feel cool. Like this one...(Read it! You'll feel cool too!)


Some pins inspire me to be more creative in my gift giving.


I gave my parents a similar present for their 30th Anniversary - using maps of all the places they've lived while married. I included Ruth 1:16 and the words "Where you go, I'll go. Where you stay, I'll stay."

 Some pins make me so proud once completed.

Read about this Pottery Barn Knock-Off Creation here.

 Or read about the Shaw Wow wreath creation here
Pin It

And after seeing an island on Pinterest, I painted the legs of mine. It looks so much more uniform now with the freshly painted white cabinets.
(Ignore my non-matching rug...I'm on the hunt for a red rug with white dots)

Some pins help me while I'm thrifting and shopping. After seeing these bowls, I was on the hunt.

I found some similar ones while on vacation with my family!

Some pins challenge me to use up all those random craft supplies that I keep hanging onto. Read about the creation of this scarf here.

 Pin It

Some pins inspire me to decorate with an element found in the pictures.

I fell in love with this living room - It's very "Cindy's style." And I made ottoman covers with script on them from some IKEA fabric! 

And some pins just look cool. They are in my "maybe someday."

Basically, I like to see results! I like to track my progress. (I think that's why I've always like to vacuum - cause I can see what I've done. I used to hate when i was given the job of wiping down the walls at Mt. Lou San - BORING...and you can't really see your progress).

So, here's the challenge...track what Pins you actually do! It's my "Pin-Did" project! I'd love to see what you complete. Send pics of your projects my way! (


  1. Your mom was hilarious making flowers... we were cracking up at her. We all laid out our flowers to look at them and Regina said... Whoo Hoo! Pin-Did! (Those of us that read your blog cracked up.) I love the idea you did for your parent's anniversary. Awesome. And I also love the one about the Australian accent. "Raise up lights, raise up lights" I said it like thirteen times the first time I read it. So funny.

  2. I say it (raise up lights) out loud all the time. Makes me feel cool. ha.

    And think my mom is the best. No one makes me laugh like my family does.

    And I feel quite giddy that my coined phrase was used at your sewing class. ha.

  3. Cindy, you've inspired me! Both craft-wise and in my own relationship with God.
    I had to laugh at your comment about why you enjoy vacuuming - I never imagined anyone else felt the same way as I! ha.
    I've been slacking on my blog, but your year-long plan has inspired me. Thanks for being so real about it! :)

  4. I've been using the blog to help keep me accountable...for crafts and things around the houses well as in my Bible reading. Too funny about the vacuuming. Keep writing!