Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little Bit of Dreaming...

Often, decorations in my house come from inspiration I've found in magazines and online (probably why I'm so addicted to Pinterest). I recently came across this gorgeous photo from here, House of Turquoise.
I'm completely in love with this eclectic style - from the ottomans covered in words to the crates for an end table! These colors do not go with my living room style at all, but I am looking frantically for ways to implement some of these ideas in my home. The wall color here, however, does match my'm thinking of painting the chandelier/light fixture over the kitchen table RED! 
The previous owners of our home had just put new light fixtures in the home - and it is a nice one, but it doesn't fit my kitchen style. I was hoping to change it out from day one, until I saw the same fixture at Lowe's for $144! It is a nice light - but not really "me."

The other night, Jeremiah said, "Just paint it red!" After seeing the above inspiration picture, I may do just that - I would also be in the market for some clear or frosted white globes. No decisions have been made yet - I'm still dreaming.

However, I am painting the front door this weekend. Read about my choices of color here, and wait for the big reveal!


  1. I've been following your blog for awhile now and always thoroughly enjoy it! Thanks for sharing! :)