Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Challenge Accepted

Anyone else out there share in my addiction to Pinterest....yet, haven't really tackled any of the ideas they've found there? Well, Katie @ BowerPower inspired me with her self-declared Pinterest Challenge...

Last night, my wonderful husband helped me tackle a photo collage wall - I found the idea here
Wrangling all my previously owned black frames from around the house and out of boxes seemed to be one of the hardest parts. After rearranging the frames on the basement floor twenty or thirty times, I finally found a pattern that pleased me. Next, I had to carry them up to the living room, trying to remember the perfect pattern. Jeremiah, being the best at hanging things on the wall, came to the rescue and helped with the actual placement of the frames on the wall. He is so detailed and so fast at getting the frames to hang straight and even. I do have a bit of a habit of hanging lots of things on the wall, giving him lots of practice. 

I plan to put all black and white pictures in the frames, making the collage look more uniform (like the inspiration picture). For now, the frames were hung with whatever was in them before - some containing the pretty people who came in the frames, others with my photos now hanging the wrong direction...I hope to collect pictures of our grandparents and parents and other relatives  -- but for now, the wall looks like this.
This morning, as I walked into my living room, I smiled :) The pictures are everything I hoped they would be! And for those of you who are wondering, the color of the living room walls is closer to the picture on the right. The camera on my phone decides to make things different colors at times. 

Do any of you find yourselves in the same Pinterest addiction? Who will join me in the challenge to actually do some of the ideas we've pinned? Let me know what projects you've tackled or tried.

And for those of you who are not in know about Pinterest, it is a website where you can pin ideas and tutorials found on the internet. You can categorize your pins and even re-pin ideas others have found - if you need an invite to join this amazing site, comment with your email address, and I'll send an invite your way!

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  1. Looks great already! I also have a collage wall in the making. Isn't pinterest great?