Monday, August 8, 2011

Treasuring Hunting

I love yard sales, thrift stores, furniture set out on the side of the road...anything that helps me get unique items for cheap! Yesterday, my friend Tina and I set out to conquer part of the world's longest yard sale on 127 - It happens to go real close to Chattanooga - We set out early with our granola bar's and cash, hoping to find some sweet stuff.

Two hours and 14 stops later, we still had not found anything that we "had to have!" I had seen a metal tray, but the seller wanted $10 bucks for it. I quickly put that item down! Lots of driving, and lots of weird parking. Sometimes it would just be one house that claimed to have a HUGE SALE....but in the end, it was overpriced, moldy items. Other times, it was a stretch of a number of sellers. One crazy lady asked if Tina and I were sisters, telling us that if we found out we really were, we should put the story on TV (apparently she found a brother she never knew she had and thought her story was TV worthy). We also had a very large dragon fly/beetle thing in the car that we had to maneuver out - All in all, it was a fun day!

Finally, we scored some nice deals at a little mini flea market - I got a metal tray for just a couple bucks, as well as some adorable coffee mugs and a little "Chattanooga Choo Choo" dish for my sponge at the kitchen sink! It seemed once we caught a few deals, we were out of "the funk" (as my British treasure hunting friend called it).

I did find one purchase that made me squeal and scream! It had started to sprinkle rain, but Tina and I trudged along, looking in tents and under tarps. It was under one such tarp that Tina spotted some large black letters that seemed to have come from an old store front. I quickly dug through the pile, hoping to happen across a C....but no such luck. Next to this pile, however, was a stack of 3 large red letters....and the one on top was a C! I snatched the prize up quickly. After bartering with the seller for a bit, I proudly hugged my new treasure.

Unfortunately, we still had lots of stops at this particular area - So, I had the privilege for lugging this giant C from booth to booth, yard to yard. All the while, I was getting strange looks and even stranger comments. "Your name must be Catherine or something."  "That's a really big C."  "Hope you don't have to carry that all day." "Is that from a 'Crush' pop sign?" (to this comment I shrugged my shoulders, not wanting to tell the old man it was clearly red and not orange.)  And my favorite comment "This Yard Sale is brought to us today by the letter C!"  (I had to explain the Sesame Street reference to Tina - guess they don't have that over in England).

After returning home, I hosed off my treasures outside - here's a picture of what I brought home!

1. My large red "C"
2. 15 inch mustard colored tin tray (It has already found a home on my coffee table)
3. An embroidered "There's no place like home" picture
4. My little "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" dish for my kitchen sink sponge (the seller also threw in a little matching pitcher...but I am not sure where this will end up)
5. My cheaply priced tin tray (I plan to make a magnetic measure board out of this)
6. A yellow cast iron pot that looks like a giant tea cup (I will probably put a plant in this)
7. 2 random coffee mugs: one looks like a Campbell's soup can and the other was just cute and blue

Did any of you venture out this weekend to thrift stores or yard sales? 
Let me know what treasures you found! 

Anyone have an idea for the little pitcher?  

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  1. Could you use the pitcher for milk at a tea party? Lol