Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Weary World Rejoices - #ChristmasTea2015

I have been anticipating this Ladies' Christmas Tea since last year's event (see last year's post here). The sweet fellowship. The yummy food. The truth from God's Word. The Spiritual encouragement. The chance to decorate a table.

It had been raining for days. The holiday craziness had begun. I forgot my camera at home. But the theme this year was "Rest."

As I set my table, I prayed for each seat. I prayed for the ladies in their travels and preparations in getting there that evening. I prayed for their hearts. I prayed that our fellowship would be uplifting.

My chargers doubled as favors this year. Using shims, I made some wooden signs. Using wood glue, I attached all the shims together with two horizontal shims on the back side. I know that the Lord cares about little details - He kept laying the word "gather" on my heart. And I decided to add the reference of Matthew 18:20 to the sign. I had completely forgotten that the Women's Ministry at our church uses "Silverdale Girl's Gather" as their theme. But He knew...

My talented friend offered to make macaroons for each girl at our table as well. She made her tags to compliment the sign design.

I was grateful for her contribution to the table. Her coconut macaroons will change your life.

I thought I had left my house in plenty of time before the tea. I had two close friends riding with me. The rain was heavy and the traffic was slow. When I arrived, someone had already lit my candles. Even though I was running late, I was able to enter with a heart ready for the evening. Ashlee valet parked my car because it was POURING rain so that I could run in to greet my guests.

We enjoyed a delicious meal and great conversation.

My friend from Brazil was even able to join my table. I was surrounded by so many wonderful girls.

As I listened to testimonies and truth from God's Word, I felt that I was able to prepare my heart for the upcoming Christmas season.

Despite feeling tired so many days, it is easy for me to forget Jesus' words to "Come to Him...and find rest" (Matthew 11:28).

What a precious gift His coming to earth was to this weary world.

At the close of the night, we were each given a small metal key. It was to serve as a reminder of the truths we learned that evening. Jesus is the key to finding true rest.

I plan to place mine around my kitchen sink. I seem to spend a lot of my time cleaning up the kitchen or prepping for the next meal. But rather than getting bogged down with my day-to-day tasks, I hope to be able to use my time at the sink to "Come to Jesus..." If I turn my dish-washing time into prayer time, what a difference that would make on my day. After all, Jesus has offered me the invitation of coming to Him to find rest.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you REST." 
Matthew 11:28

Tablecloth - fabric from Hobby Lobby
Glasses - World Market
Mercury Glass Candle Votive - JoAnn Fabric and Target clearance after last Christmas
Lantern - TJ Maxx (from my wedding)

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  1. Found this linked from the MOPS idea page on the website! So beautiful! Can you tell me a little more about this tea? I am very interested!!