Thursday, July 30, 2015

A friendship in the making...

There's a little transformation happening in our household.

With each little adventure, it seems that these two little Cooks are becoming best friends.

I don't really know when it started. But as I watched my laundry basket become a boat this morning...

I realized that two siblings had become playmates.

He celebrates her victories..."Look, Mom, Baby Girl is standing up!!! Just like me!!!"

 He loves on her.

And likes to baby her...even though she is pretty much his size.

He hugs her too tightly.

And she finds ways to show him who's really the boss.

She wants to do everything just like him.

Which includes playing with his toys and reading his books.

As I listen to their conversations, my eyes mist over a little bit...

Because I pray that this friendship that is starting right now...

... will be a friendship that will last for a lifetime.

Siblings make the best of friends. 

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