Friday, December 12, 2014

A Big Silver Bow

For some reason, an oversized item makes cute decor. I have a large clock and large fork and spoon hanging in my kitchen. I love to make the oversized ruler as a growth chart. And I love my giant red C in the kitchen.

In my December 2014/January 2015 issue of Martha Stewart, I saw the cutest Christmas decor for my front door!

I had to enlist Jeremiah's help for this project. It was definitely a job for two people. He is always so great to help me with my crazy ideas.

We had some of the metal flashing on hand in the garage, but had to purchase some more to complete the bow. We already had the foil tape (and you do need it because that metal flashing is super strong), and we used some scrap wood for the base.

I cut five 32-inch pieces of flashing and five 28 inch pieces. These made the loops. I secured the loops with the foil tape.

You can kind of get an idea how to form the bow by looking at these instructions. Maybe eventually Martha will post her instructions online. Once the loops were formed, we drilled a hole and screwed them into the scrap piece of wood.

The center loop came from one 22 inch piece of flashing.

I'd love to try to make this from a stiff wrapping paper for some festive indoor decor. It would even be fabulous for a birthday party.

But for now, I'm enjoying this big metallic bow on my front door. 

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