Friday, December 19, 2014

A Quick Lettered Banner

This year, I didn't feel like putting up the tree with all the random ornaments. Don't worry, I didn't do anything crazy and throw them all away. I just didn't feel like trying to explain the difference in the ornaments and the toys.

Instead, I put up our smaller tree (here's where I bought the tree last year) in the galvanized tub and bought a tube of neutral colored plastic Christmas balls from the Dollar Tree. By placing the shorter tree in the tub and raising it with a wooden box, the tree is not at Hudson's eye level. He seems to leave it alone.

The other night, I was feeling that the tree still needed something festive. So, I added some easy lettered garland.

I had used a die-cut machine for the letters, but you could easily use stencils. Or even trace your child's alphabet puzzle!

After cutting my letters from book pages, I grabbed baker's twine (I bought this huge roll of it and have used it for EVERYTHING and still have tons left - it's an investment I highly recommend).

Regular clear tape is holding the letters to the string. In less than one Daniel Tiger episode, I was ready to hang the banner.

Then I draped the string across the tree branches.

Hudson knows all his alphabet letters, thanks to this Leap Frog DVD. He loves to point and tell me each letter in the garland.

Now that I know how simple this is, I might make birthday banners too! I love a quick and festive project!

Tutorial for Wood Block Nativity can be found here

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