Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Embroidery Hoop Mobile

When I made Hudson's mobile, I did it because I liked the look of something decorative hanging above the crib. I thought it was a gimmick. I didn't think that a baby would actually be entertained by something twirling above their head...but he was. He also was fascinated by extreme contrasts in color. Black and white. Ceiling fans. So, when it came time to make Nora's mobile, I took these observations into consideration.

I had thought about making something to match the wreaths I had hanging over the guest bed, but in the end, I decided to make something more round. I had seen various tutorials for these decorative spheres made from embroidery hoops, but none were made into a baby mobile.  I looked at tons of tutorials. But in the end - I just had to work the hoops in my own way, into the form that I wanted.

I picked up two embroidery hoops (each one has two rings) for each sphere. I decided on two smaller spheres and one larger. These hoops were 69 cents each - some stain made the hoops have the darker color I hoped to obtain. Simple upholstery tacks held the rings in place.

My husband hung the spheres this morning using three simple hooks in the ceiling.

I love that it will give Nora something to easily focus on - looking at the spheres against the white ceiling.  They also spin ever so slightly.

They complement the darker elements of the room as well (like the crib).

Hudson was hanging out with me as I took pictures of Nora's mobile. While pretending to be Clark Kent in his Superman T Shirt and glasses, He helped to make sure I had enough natural light.

He held on to my lens cap and offered me snacks.

And he played quietly with all the clutter items I had removed from the other side of the room.

I think he knows change is coming. He is more cuddly with me. He rubs my belly and says "baby" and he has noticed more pink elements around the house...even Nora's books are a little more girly than what he is used to. (Shoe-La-La is an adorable rhyming story! Every little girl needs this glittery book! I was given it as a gift at my baby shower.)

We are very close to Nora's arrival. I have made it past the 38 week mark (5 weeks past the point where I had Hudson). At my doctor's appointment today, everything looked great. It's go time...so keep checking back for pictures and details. She will be here before we know it.

I have panicked a few times, thinking of things that I haven't bought or done for Nora - but then I have to remind myself, there was a lot that I wasn't ready for when Hudson was born. I don't even think we had the crib assembled. And in the end, everything turned out just fine.

I've decorated her room - but some frames are still blank. I cannot wait to fill those frames with family photos.

I also stacked up a few "girl" classics - it won't be long before I can read books like Anne of Green Gables, Little Women or Sarah, Plain and Tall to her. (And we will, of course, also watch the movies!)

Nora Lynn, we are ready to meet you!


  1. Excited to hold my niece! Pippa looks forward to the adventures they will share!

    1. I can't wait for you to hold her either! I am sure Pippa and her will have lots of fun together.

  2. Esther loves lights! I need something over the changing table.

    Can't wait to see pictures of Nora!

  3. Love everything about her room! It's so full of love already with your crafty projects! ��
    Can't wait to see pictures of her sweet face - I'm so happy for you that this pregnancy was healthy and full term! Praise God �� :)