Tuesday, July 1, 2014

4 Canvas Zippered Pouches for $3.48, FREE SHIPPING

Gifts are my love language - I don't mean that I need diamonds and expensive things given to me at all times in order to feel loved (However, I'm not saying I'd turn down diamonds). But I find great joy in the giving and receiving of little things. I love to mail a card with some stickers inside or give a friend a potted plant. I also keep a drawer of gifts that I can pull from when the need arises. When the Lord prompts, I love to have a journal or a bracelet already on hand.

Recently, I saw these cute little zippered pouches on Amazon. Covered in adorably patterned fabric, these little canvas bags make the perfect "gift bag" for a few new pens or some lip gloss. I also love that these little pouches are lined in a cute polka-dot fabric. I love them so much, in fact, that I am keeping one or two for myself.

This four pack of  canvas pouches is currently just $3.48, FREE shipping! That means, for less than $1 each, I have a few gifts or gift bags on hand. 

I must warn you, however, when I received these in the mail, the little "saying" on the tiny tag that is sewn to the front was all out of order. Coming from a different country, I think that someone got a little confused in their translation. However, the writing is so small and the bags are so cheap, it was a flaw that I was willing to accept. It is still an adorable way to give some lip gloss, a gift card or a few pens and highlighters. 

I love to pass on a good deal - It's even more fun if the good deal is adorable as well as practical. Check out these pouches here if you are looking for some inexpensive gift ideas! And as always, with Amazon, prices fluctuate...so act fast if you want the $3.48 price. 

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