Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fun with Wooden Magnets

This morning, I pulled out some cute wooden magnets in numbers and letters that I've never really let Hudson play with. I think I bought these before he was born. Since then, they have sat in a little drawer waiting to be played with - and the other day, I remembered them!

I love all the cute little painted patterns and eyeballs.

I could have let him stand at the fridge to play with these cute magnets. However, I didn't really want to have to fish them out from underneath the appliances later.

A vintage metal tray that I had picked up at a garage sale or thrift store worked perfectly. He could carry the tray around the room or play with them sitting down. I love that it became a portable activity. I foresee some magnet time on our next road trip!

He could also stick the magnets on either side of the tray.

The magnets are pretty small on the back of these numbers and letters, making them not very strong. But I think that is best for this stage of life. If he had a really hard time getting the letter to release from the tray, this activity wouldn't be as entertaining.

Amazon has these magnets for pretty cheap. You can get the number set here for $2.32, Free Shipping.

And the alphabet set here for $3.81, Free Shipping.

I am contemplating purchasing another set, just to have some double letters. I figure they might come in handy when we are working on spelling one day. There is also a cute little set of other magnets I may need to add to my collection. (See those here), since Hudson is recognizing objects right now.
I look forward to the day when we can work on spelling his name. 

I love these free shipping deals (like these zippered pouches I posted the other day). I have even purchased sets for friends as gifts - Instead of having them mailed to me, I simply have the package shipped to them directly. I usually address the package in the child's name and tell the parent that a surprise is on its way!

The success of this morning's magnetic activity has also given me an idea...stay tuned! If it ends up working out, I'll share the details soon! 

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