Sunday, August 21, 2011

Front Door Makeover

After the completion of each project, our house feels a little more like home. I have been contemplating the color of the front door for quite some time (read about that here)- Classic Red or Teal? and the winner is...
We chose Lowe's Valspar Premium Exterior Paint in a semi-gloss. I only bought a quart, and I am so glad - we didn't even use half of the can. The back door may be getting a couple coats in the near future.
While I worked on gathering supplies, (which included these fabulous sponge rollers that my dad told me about - they work great on furniture, cabinets, etc.) my genius husband attached plastic to the door frame - so that we could leave the door open during painting without letting all the bugs in! 

After the first bit of paint made it onto the door, I knew I had made the perfect color choice - don't get me wrong, red is still my favorite color - but I wanted to try something different for our front door. It seems that red is becoming too much of the norm for me. Who knows, I may re-paint it a totally different color in a few years.
Two coats of paint later - I was so giddy with my newly painted door! I'm sure the neighbors thought I was crazy. Let's be honest, this isn't a typical front door color. But I was in love!
When we were first looking at buying this house, we were interested to see how much work the previous owner had put into the exterior of the house - We knew that new siding, roof, etc. was in the mix. After looking at Google's streetview, we were quite please with the current look - (I'm not sure why this photo is so tilted...) I love the added shutters and the change in the roof by the front door.
After seeing this blog post, I knew that I wanted to try to tackle painting our house numbers directly on the door. I had looked at the house numbers at a few home improvement store, but I had yet to see a font I fell in love with. I purchased a paint pen from Hobby Lobby, printed my numbers, and got to work. I used "Elephant" front -

The paint pen made it so easy to get those fine lines looking neat and clean. These paint pens come in a plethora of colors.

I am on the hunt for a different wreath idea for the fall. But for now, my book page wreath that I made from a "Dollar Tree" book completed the look. I purchased a magnetic hook from Hobby Lobby so that I could place the wreath at the exact height that would still allow me to see out the peep-hole.

Each time I pull up to my house, I still smile - loving my front door. It's different. It's bright. It's ours. What element of your home makes you smile?


  1. LOVE it. :) My front door is glass or I would totally attempt this. It looks GREAT.

  2. i love the color! but i dont think i would put the house number in the middle its distracting

  3. Leah, what if you did the etched glass paint?

  4. Love it Cindy! I am copying you and painting mine a tealish color too if dan and I end up getting the house we are trying to buy!

  5. Jill, you'll have to text me your maybe new address! I'd love to see what you're looking at! I'll try to fix the post to show exactly what paint color I chose. Tracy kept warning me to make sure I got the right teal - she kept saying she's seen too many teal's gone bad. ha

  6. Looks great! I’m really jealous over the structure of your house. The roof shutter is at a good position; it will play its role effectively. I also love the roofing structure. I’m sure that rain will just slide down those gutters. Plus, the color of newly painted door is captivating!