Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I love most about my home...

...is who I share it with!

My husband and I love having people in our home. Overnight guests or dinner guests...Game nights, movie nights, Crafternoons, or just to say hello! Growing up, my parents did an excellent job of teaching me the importance of hospitality. I can remember many meals my family would share with friends, visitors at church, and extended family. Upon moving into our new home, Jeremiah and I decided that we wanted to do the same with the home God has blessed us with. To remember those we've had the privilege of fellowshipping with, I decided to have a guest book for our home. Not the typical book with lines where folks write their name...but a framed picture where our guests could "leaf" their mark.

My talented friend Tina drew this wonderful tree for me to use as the background for our guest book.

Each time someone visits our home, they get to leave their fingerprint as a leaf. I simply purchased 3 different color green ink pads from Hobby Lobby! We love seeing the tree filled in! A few nights ago, we stood in front of it, remembering different people we've had over since the move.

We are truly blessed to be surrounded by such great friends! We pray the Lord continues to use our home as a place to minister to others!


  1. I love the design of the tree! The carved heart is really cute. She did a really good job. Love the idea! I may do this for Conner's birthday =)

  2. I want to put my fingerprint on here!