Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Finds Under $5: Message Board Remake

I am a lover of lists. I can't help it. I am constantly writing lists of lists, to-do lists, projects-to-be-completed lists, etc. With little Hudson occupying so much of my day, I find that I often just have 15 minutes at a time to complete a task. And with all the things that I am keeping track of in my brain (when did he eat last, when does he go down for a nap, don't forget the laundry in the washer, etc.) it sometimes takes me a while to decide just what I want to do with my 15 minutes. But by the time I decide, my 15 minutes is now down 7 minutes...

Sometimes I watch Chopped or Iron Chef America  if I want to clean the kitchen in a hurry, but sometimes even that doesn't help.

Last week, I used my kitchen chalkboard to write a HUGE list of stuff that I needed to accomplish. Then, when I was given a little free time, I just glanced at my list and got to work. It totally helped me to accomplish 17 times more than I normally would have done without my list.

BUT I love having a quote or a Bible Verse on my chalkboard. And I think it would be helpful to have my list movable - so that I could take it from room to room as I work. 

Again, Pinterest came to the rescue - I now have this fun little board. 

While browsing Pinterest, I came across this adorable project from Burlap and Lace.  I followed her instructions exactly! (except I turned my paint chips sideways. I can use the board in either direction)

Her directions were simple. Her inspiration was adorable. I am pleased with the results. 

You should try it too! 

I had thought about trying to use a frame that I already had on hand - making this project totally free. But in the end, I am loving the cheap Walmart frame. 


  1. LOVE the paint colors you chose...and I love Chopped ;-)

  2. Isn't this the best project ever!? Cheap. Doable. I'm totally making a stop at Lowes and Wally tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Today I was thinking it would be cute to put fabric behind he paint swatches.

  3. I have a cheap frame like this...still hanging at my parents house. Yes, I need to still move out of there! I like that you can erase this!

  4. CUTE! I am a total list-maker too! :) I've heard that it has something to do with being the first-born :)

  5. Love your memo board
    and me too I need quotes and bible verses
    especially at the start of my day to encourage me.