Monday, December 30, 2013

A Few Nails and Some String

While I was in Virginia a few weeks ago, I was glad to be able to attend a ladies' event with my mom at church - the annual Ornament Exchange and Craftime!

I was super thrilled to be able to work on Joni's craft.

The ladies arrived and munched on yummy snacks.

Grinch Kabobs


We each brought an ornament and went home with a different one. I was given a large jingle-bell ornament. I love it!

After a devotional and some Christmas carols, we each selected a piece of wood.

Each lady decided on a shape or pattern. We then nailed our shape into the wood.


Once the nails were in place, it was fun to decide on the color string or yarn that was used.

Then we got to wrapping. I loved seeing everyone's creativity.

Since I was taking pictures, I didn't get my star wrapped that night.

During one naptime, I sat down with some yarn and finished it up. I didn't wind in a particular pattern or order, and was pleased with the result.

I'm now ready to tackle a more intricate shape. Joni let me take an extra piece of wood for a future project.

Have any of you tried this yarn craft? If so, I'd love to see your finished product. Just comment with a link to your instagram picture or blog post! 

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