Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: DIY Glass Magnets

A good refrigerator magnet is hard to find...or at least I think so. They seem to usually be ugly or not strong enough to hold up paper.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to link this little craft project with the Bower Power Pinterest Challenge (Spring Edition).

Katie dreamed up this little quarterly event to encourage pinners everywhere to stop pinning and start doing! I like to refer to my completed pins as "Pin-Did." It's all about the follow through!

You can check out the featured blogger's projects as well. 

After seeing this project from here a while back, it has become my "go-to" craft. Whether it's a girl's retreat, a crafternoon among friends or a coffee party, everyone loves making a few awesome magnets. And even people with no creativity or sense of craftiness can participate.

And it's super cheap! If you already have the circle punch on hand, you can make each magnet for less than 20 cents each! And if you don't have the circle punch, use a coupon at your favorite craft store or wait for a 50% off sale. You'll definitely find more ways to use the punch. I even love to make larger confetti with it! 

I gathered my supplies...

  1.  Magazines (or any paper you want to use as the picture in your magnet. Guess you could use an actual photograph, as well)
  2.  Magnets. I bought this pack of 52 at Walmart for around $5. They are strong magnets. 
  3.  Glass pebbles. I purchase mine at the Dollar Tree - approximately one inch in diameter.
  4.  Glue. I purchased this glue at Walmart as well for around $2. Just find something with industrial strength that is suitable for glass.
  5.  Circle paper punch. Mine is Martha Stewart's one inch circle punch. 

Then, using a glass pebble as a size guide, search through the magazines for anything that catches your eye, making sure that the image will fit beneath the stone. 

You can use numbers, letters, patterns or pictures. The possibilities are endless. 

This time around, I was loving this salad dressing advertisement  I ended up making an entire collection of green and yellow spotted magnets. 

Simply punch out your picture (sometimes, if the magazine pages seem a little thin, I stack a few pages together before seems to work better this way). 

A tiny dab of glue on the flat side of the magnet will allow you to attach your punched circle (desired image up against the flat side of the stone). 

One more dab of glue will allow you to attach the magnet to the back. 

Keep in mind that the magnets are pretty strong. Therefore, I always try to keep them a good distant apart for at least 12 hours. I also leave them drying - not hanging them on the refrigerator or magnetic surface for 24 hours. 


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  1. Cute! I have some of these that my secret sister made for me one year, and I love them. :)