Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Let's have another cup of coffee...

As I write this post, there is a catchy little song running through my head. And I only know two lines of the song.... "Let's have another cup of coffee, and let's have another piece of pie..." (My Encounter friends will probably remember that night in Charlie Tremendous Jones' house as he sang this song to us.)

This post has nothing to do with that evening ...but it is all about some coffee.

House Party offered me a fabulous party pack from Keurig if I would host a little get-together. And I agreed. I only needed to invite ten or more friends to join me for an evening of coffee and conversation. In return, they sent me a Keurig Vue V500 Brewing System along with lots of Vue packs of coffee and tea, cookies, and a few other party necessities.

I quickly invited the ladies from our small group to our home last Saturday evening - we had some yummy snacks and made a fun little craft. Any time I get together with these girls, I am sure to have a good time.

This group of families have been a great encouragement to Jeremiah and I - it's not often that you find a group of Christian families striving to raise their children with the same values and beliefs we have. We thank the Lord for leading us to such a wonderful small group.

Upon receiving my "party pack," I started sampling. An iced cup of Southern Sweet Tea was my first choice. I just filled the reservoir with water, added my V-pack, selected my cup size...

and the magic began...

in no time, I was enjoying a perfectly brewed cup of iced tea.

I searched some ideas on Pinterest for our party. Although I didn't put all these pins to use, I did store them away for future gatherings. (Idea #1, Idea #2, Idea #3)

The night before, I set the table...

I love using wrapping paper as a table runner. Makes for easy clean up, as well.

The night of the event, I decided to make a chicken salad base (chicken, mayo, salt and pepper). I laid out all different kinds of add-ins.

Each guest then made their sandwich according to their preferences.

We had such a great time, sampling coffee, chit-chatting and crafting.

I did copy pinterest, dipping some straws in chocolate to stir in our coffee. I felt the need to warn the guest, though. "Don't chomp down on those...they are not chocolate covered pretzels!" ha!

I also was able to add a few more "leaves" to our guest book tree (see the original post about that here). It's really filling out! We really do love sharing our home with others.

Hudson even had a friend for the evening. And he put his little fingerprint on the tree too!

Thanks, girls, for a fun night!

House Party sent me this great coupon code...if you were interested in purchasing the machine featured, you can get 40% at Keurig.com through 5/11/2013.  Enter the code (QCYDSDG) in the "Promotions and Coupons" box during checkout and hit "Apply" after you have place the Vue V500 Brewing System into your cart.

If you are interesting in applying to hose future parties, check out House Party here.

And stay tuned to see what craft we worked on. It's a favorite of mine! 

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