Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Three years ago, today...

Three years ago today, I woke up - ready to marry my best friend.

I woke up to sunshine when the forecast called for rain. I woke up - had a good talk with my matron of honor, Ashlee and then journaled in the book (one last time) that I was to give to Jeremiah as part of his wedding gift (I had journaled secretly in this book throughout our 3 month engagement).

And then, I tapped my soon-to-be husband on the shoulder.

Three years ago today, Jeremiah's best man woke him up and said, "Get up! You got to get married today!" And then he prepared for the day by watching some FOX news. ha.

This morning, Jeremiah and I exchanged cards. And we had each started our note with the words "Three years ago today, I woke up..."  ha! Unplanned!

Reminds me of how we wrote our vows without comparing notes and ended up using some of the same phrases...Guess that shows we were meant to be.

Surrounded by friends and family, it was a day that neither of us will ever forget.

Both of us grew up in homes where our parents respected each other and loved each other.

I praise the Lord for my husband and the godly example he is in our family. I pray that we are able to raise our children in the same way - and that they would see the love we have for each other and for the Lord.

Happy Anniversary, Jeremiah! I love you! I love my life with you! 


  1. Great day! Great couple! Happy Anniversary :)

  2. You have had such an incredible three years and journey...Happy (late) anniversary!