Thursday, March 7, 2013

Friday Find Under $5: Don't be afraid of the Blue Bonnets

Today, our FFU$5 comes from my next door neighbor. She and I especially like to visit Goodwill on the first Saturday of each month. "Why?" you may ask... Because EVERYTHING is 50% off. Furniture, clothes, funky dishes....EVERYTHING.
And today's title, for some reason, reminds me of a silly skit we used to do when I worked at Mt. Lou San Bible Camp ("From the North, From the South, From the East, From the West....It's the BLUE MONKEYS!!") Call me crazy...Guess you had to be there...

Back to the Blue Bonnets...

Now, when you enter any thrift store, you have to be willing to look beyond what you first see...and imagine what it could be. And then I always think to myself, "If this is a total flop, I can always donate it back to Goodwill or sell it in a consignment sale."

Ashlee had a fabulous find this past Saturday that just needed a little of that imagination.

Look past the "Blue Bonnets" and you are left with four large glass jars with lids on a wooden shelf.

Even though this was originally priced at $8.99, because of half-price Saturday - this ended up costing just $4.50.

After removing the "Blue Bonnets," Ashlee gave the jars a quick cleaning. I always disinfect any thrift store purchases I bring home. You never know where they have been. For this reason, I usually don't purchase plastic items. I just feel like I can't get them as clean.

Since Ashlee home-schools, she was needing a storage solution for some math manipulatives that she was currently keeping in plastic baggies.

I love the bright colors that are now housed in these jars.

Ashlee has plans of adding a bright paint color to the shelf.  She mentioned that these would also look great in a laundry room with soaps inside. Or even in a bathroom - one for cotton balls, one for q-tips, etc.

Even if you were not a fan of the shelf, the jars were still a great price at just around $1 a piece.

Did anybody else venture out to Half-Off Saturday? I'd love to know what you found! Anyone else have to look past some "blue bonnets" in order to transform a find into something fabulous? 


  1. Hi Cindy!
    Love this post. Goodwill is becoming one of my favorite places to shop. I had no idea that they had half prices on the first Saturday of the month! Woah, I'm so taking advantage of that.
    Anyways, I wanted to share one of my Goodwill finds/projects. I was looking through the dresses and found a red-floral-jumpsuit-thing.
    It was horrible. It had sholder pads, sleeves, buttons, a "belt", and the bottom was turned into shorts...bad picture?
    I was able to take out the sholder pads, belt, and make the "shorts" into the bottom part of the dress.
    It turned out adorable. I haven't had the chance to wear it because of this winter weather...but I am so excited to wear it this spring.
    Just thought I'd share(:
    The pictures can be found here--

    Love your blog by the way!

    1. This is adorable! Thanks for sharing your re-fashion! Great example of some thrift store transformation! Thanks for reading.

  2. I WAS there and miss those fun skit nights. :-) I have enjoyed reading your blog. Glad I found it through Tracy!

    1. Why, yes, you were there for the blue monkeys! Thanks for reading!