Thursday, March 14, 2013

At Least I Brushed My Teeth Today...I think...

I must admit, this motherhood thing has completely changed things here in the Cook household. Some days, I feel as if the only thing I accomplished (other than taking care of Hudson) was brushing my teeth. My t-shirt usually has spit-up on both shoulders (and sometimes it's the same shirt I wore yesterday). My craft projects have slowed down and my blogging is definitely less frequent. But I LOVE being a mom! Really!

Yesterday, a friend and I were texting about how productive Young House Love is sometimes. I mean, they revealed that they just up and repainted their kitchen on a whim the other day. And I'm lucky if I get to unload the dishwasher. I find that lately, I'm washing dishes out of necessity - meaning, we don't have any more cups or spoons! My friend even told me she had to send her 10 year old son to school in HER athletic socks the other day because she hadn't had a chance to do laundry. I guess he was a little upset about it...but that's just how it goes sometimes. (The names were left out to protect the innocent).

The job of "motherhood" may not seem too glamorous to some. At times, I even think Satan attacks me, telling me I am not productive anymore. But yesterday, my husband was holding our son. As soon as I came into Hudson's view, he gave me the biggest grin...and THAT reminds me I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I'm taking care of my son.

I also feel like I am constantly looking at that huge clock in our kitchen. What time did Hudson last eat? How long has he been eating? Is it bath time yet? Is it bed time yet? How long has he been sleeping? and then it dawns on me..."It's 3:00 pm and I never ate lunch....or did I even eat breakfast?" "When did I last brush my teeth?" "What day of the week is it?"

(Oh and last week I made up a bunch of Pioneer Woman's Calzones...they are in the fridge and freezer so I can quickly heat them up on the days that Hudson doesn't want to let me eat. ha. Like today!)

But I look down at my son, and I know I am doing the job that God gave me to do. Even writing this post, I've had to stop 3 times...but that's ok. Because Hudson is now my priority. And I love that!

It's the way my mother raised us. I am now realizing her selflessness. And I am not sure I can ever tell her "Thank you" enough. Even last week, she mailed me a card - and I have probably read that card 35 times, drawing strength from the words that she wrote...she is still the encourager I need! What a mom!

Sure! I may look less productive to the world. I may feel like it takes me 3 days to do one load of laundry. And I may only wear t-shirts and sweat pants except for on Sundays. But I know I am doing exactly what God would have me to do, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Don't get me wrong - I still love to spray paint, cook, thrift and do projects. They just may be a little more spread out now. Hudson is awake and screaming....gotta go! 

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  1. What a blessing that you get to hang out with the little guy! He is filling our perfectly! You are one great momma!