Friday, January 13, 2012

I still do...

I love weddings! I love decorating, attending, looking at pictures - all aspects! I wish it were customary to have a wedding each year - I would marry Jeremiah over and over again, loving every minute of the planning, prep, and participation. He's the man I prayed for. (Read about my "list" that I prayed over here.)

As we were unwrapping gifts after we got married, Jeremiah said, "We should do this again next year!" He, of course, loved all aspects of the registry - or maybe it was just because I let him used the scanner.

But since perpetual weddings are not normal, I will settle for surrounding myself with reminders of that day!

For instance, we purchased over 1,000 black straws. It was cheaper than buying a couple hundred. From time to time, those black straws get used, and I smile.

We still have many of the black napkins with the large white "C" on them - Each time we use them, I smile.

My dad made a beautiful arbor for the stage during the ceremony. It now resides in my parent's backyard. When I look out the back window at their house, I smile.

Whoever participated in the decorating of the car - we still think about you from time to time.

Just yesterday, some confetti blew out of the air vent - and I smiled.

Jeremiah was so great to vacuum out my seat. Each time I use that little dust buster, I smile - he takes such good care of me.

I love my red shoes - each time I see my heels in my closet, I smile.

Growing up a pastor's daughter, I watched my dad perform many wedding ceremonies. I often dreamed of the day he would participate in my wedding. Jeremiah's grandfather performed the first half of the ceremony, until my dad gave me away. When I think of how two very special pastors performed the ceremony - I smile.

I often think about how my dad said, "You may now shake my daughter's hand" instead of "You may now kiss your bride."  And I smile - because he eventually let Jeremiah kiss me.

I love that our parents were so instrumental in showing us how a marriage should work.

I am so glad that they prayed with us during the ceremony. It was such a sweet prayer time.

Each time we hang out with the people that stood beside us as we made our vows, I smile - knowing that they are our friends for life.

I often think about the gifts we received and who gave them to us. I see pictures all over our house that serve as reminders of the day. Items that we decorated with at the wedding are now incorporated into our home.

But one of my favorite reminders is seen daily. We chose to write our own vows. We wrote them separately, praying over the words. I am still amazed at how similarly our vows are. Despite writing them on our own, they paired together so beautifully.

I had seen how a lady created her own "subway themed art." It seemed to be the perfect was to display our commitments to one another. 

We hung them over each of our nightstands - the framed vows serve as a constant reminder of the promises we made to each other.

It seems that when I'm frustrated or being selfish, my eyes wander to my frame, and I am reminded that I promised to be selfless. I promised to be the wife that God intended for me to be.

Each wedding we attend, we are reminded of the commitment we made to one another. God brought us together, answering my prayers specifically. I intend to do my part -- constantly working on being the wife God designed for me to be.


  1. I may or may not have gotten teary eyed reading this. LOL!!!

  2. I've never seen/heard of the idea to frame or post vows like that, but it seems so natural. I love that idea!