Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hudson Says: "Walk it out..."

"Walk it out..." - that's the phrase my 5 year old neighbor. Abbi uses when you take a vigorous walk. And since it has been so sunny, Mom has got in her head that we should take a walk everyday.

And that's makes me happy! Yeah for walks!

So, when we came home from church today, I got on my workout clothes...(aka my "Walk it out" clothes) as soon as I could.

I was so excited that my tennis shoes fit! I am sure they make all the difference!

Wohoo! I was ready to explore the neighborhood. But as soon as mom puts me in that stroller and starts walking...

...I can't keep my eyes open! It's just so relaxing  I have yet to see the neighborhood. I don't even last til we get out of the driveway.

But I'll tell you one thing...that walking will make you happy. As soon as we get home, I am ready to kick and wiggle and take on the world.

Just make sure that you stretch after any exercising! I made sure to lean to the left and lean to the right...

And make sure that you wear a protect your little ears.

Although, my gut is telling me that mom may be putting these hats on me just because it looks cute!

Since I had such a grand time, I asked mom, "Can we do this tomorrow?" And she said we could!

My advice to you is, "Get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather! Walk it out!"


  1. 1. YEAH FOR WHALES !!!
    2. Yeah for a hat that matches m'whale shirt.
    3. Good thing these are velcro. I really hate having to stop every couple of steps to tie my shoes.
    4. Walks are sooo exhausting. Especially the deciding what to wear on your walk.
    5. Just leave me here till it's hunt the Easter Eggs Time .
    6. No, I' am not a cat burgler.
    7. SIKE!! YES I AM !!!!
    8. If only I were tall enough to peak in the window.
    9. No I will not hold your hand!!
    10. No photo's please!! Speak to my agent.
    11. Did someone say snack time ?
    12. I said, did someone say snack time ?!

    Not my best work, but I was too distracted laughing at lil' mans expressions to think clearly . LOL!!

  2. So adorable!!!! He takes some of the cutest pics!