Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Finds under Five: Wonderful Wooden Toys

Even though Hudson is still quite small, I am always on the lookout for classic wooden toys. And if I can find them at a cheap price...even better.  This Friday's find only cost $2.25

Yesterday, my BFF and I did a little thrift store shopping and went to lunch. It seemed like a mini vacation! I am so thankful for Jeremiah and that he was willing to keep Hudson.

Ashlee showed me a thrift store I had never visited before. They have the most organized toy section...ever! And everything seems to be priced so cheaply. I love Pinterest and other blogs, however the trend of remaking thrift store finds seems to have driven the prices up at Goodwill. I am so excited to find a place that didn't seem to be affected by the recent fascination with thrifty finds.

I first laid eyes on this adorable little stool that would turn into a chair. I plan to clean it up and paint it a funky color. I haven't decided on the right color yet.

And the best part of this find.... the price! It was only 50 cents!

Next, I stumbled upon some wooden alphabet blocks for $1 and a colorful set of Jenga blocks for 75 cents.

At my rescheduled baby shower last Sunday, I was given this adorable TOY basket. The blocks have found a temporary home.

These little wooden treasures are the perfect addition to Hudson's growing toy collection.  Among his toys is Jeremiah's fabulous set of wooden cars from his childhood. His uncle made them for him.

I'm also loving this fabulous toy mailbox that Ashlee found last week. Vintage wooden toys are my new favorite obsession.

I can just image the fun we will soon be able to have once Hudson is able to play!


  1. We use to have a stool very similar back in the day. I want to come thrift store shopping with you!

  2. Ahhh! That mailbox is FABULOUS!! I'm most jealous!!

    1. I'm just glad my BFF picked it up for me! It's missing the top piece but I'm still loving it!

  3. These are so fun! And the basket is AMAZING!